Chubb Rock
Keep Control
RISE. R-I-S-E. Rap Industry for Social Evolution. So you gotta understand something: it's hard to move as one, but it's easy to move as many

Keep control...

(Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum)
When I made arrest the president, America ate me
Spoke the truth that the gov't hates me
They labeled me a prejudice poet
I'm speaking the truth as I know it
I hold on but it's hard for me to handle
Too much lies, corruption and scandal
Cops want to kill a brother or two
Who do you call when the gang wears blue
I ain't going out like an Uncle Tom man
My gun is loaded and I'm itching to pull the trigger
I'm marking for death as a funky rhyme sayer
Corruption flows from the cops to the mayor
Mali troops will run through your resident
In my hand will be the head of your president
All you fess that made a check to throwdown
Will rise up for a political showdown

(King Tee)
Yo, King Tee stepping in on a dark tip
Open your eyes and your mind and get a grip
Of the ropes and chains that kept us
Since we were black they didn't want to except us
But it's ok, I got my own plan
Cause yo, I ain't down wit your program
The natives cook, wash and clean
Until the rebel stepped on the scene
Now you got a chance to hear what he say
Since they kept him locked up for so long
Cause his skin was black and his mind was strong
But we need to all stand together though
And let the red, black and green show
Become aware of yourself before it gets too late
Another message from King Tee the great


(Grand Puba)
Yo bust it
Hun did the flip, got a doobie wig
Now she thinks she's all that sh*t, her man does hits
Hun livin' lovely, Miss Gucci
Even got a Benz when she drives around wit all her friends
Ugn, miss quick fast in a hurry
Speedy, speedy, speedy, the b*t*h is greedy
Spend so fast, she got caught wit 4 kids
And the man caught a nice thick bid
Now the b*t*h is on skid
Screaming how she hates her kids
The move for the b*t*h is a thing quick and easy
Think slick, she better get wit the WIC
Cause foul, foul, foul is your style
You tried to run the race but you lost by a mile
See it everyday, it's the same old sorry song
How long must this go on

(Def Jef)
Power now or never, together forever
And ever, sever make it endever
To enlight your brother when
I recommend to extend a hand
Expand and then with strength defend
Black women and men from the white power structure
They sucked ya in, stoled your culture and fuked ya
And you gave birth to a nation
Your free labor laid America's economic foundation
Blood, sweat and tears and fear for years
But now here’s what appears to be the shift in the gears
The turn of the tables, knowledge enables
Us to escape the sterotype wit the labels
And years of cla**room fables, fiction
Fallacies, falsehoods, and fabrications
Facades, even fronts
Star Spangled story, stigma and stunts


(Chubb Rock)
I know this 11 year old kid named Jeffery Cowen
And knowing his father slowing
And his mother is hoeing
And now should he be growing
He's too young to be sewing
He should just chill and be flowing
I know he was being malested and sold
And his mom for being infected
Never check it, so I invested
My time and made sure little bro was looked at
Pops got evicted, b*t*h got a smack
Pumped his fists and being that I'm a pugilist
The bum got done by the one
And little Jeffery, no more tears left to drip
Mixed wit semen on his lip, emotional trip
It confuses and bent ill thoughts
In the soul of the youngster
Is daddy a monster
That raw creates lip sores and heartache pain
Dries and open your eyes for the insane