Showbiz & A.G.
Giant in the Mental
"And now my friends, let the trumpets sound
Let the bells ring, let the drums roll
Lay out the red carpet, (scratched) here he comes"

[Verse 1]
A giant in the mental, anything else is half as cease
Whenever in doubt, I break out with a masterpiece
Thoughts are kept in my head, they're never written down
I start getting down, opponents are sitting down
Chill, and be a witness, this LP with slamming tracks
In fact yours is hitless
Step on the scene, get mean 'cause I'm the Jolly Green
Go ahead and doubt me, but you probably fiend
Put out a head or two after which you'll need medical
Attention, did I mention Showbiz is incredible?
The Rain Man, scoop your girl with a gameplan
Hit her up, did her up, now Dre's the main man
Stick y'all, thick like a brick wall
Take a quick fall, aww shit y'all
Let's flirt, let's see who has the best work
Whether the ladies, the mic, the fights, Dre is an expert
Come on strong but not gentle
Just remember, I'm a giant in the mental

[Verse 2]
Hold the press cause I ain't trying to hear the rest
You'll get bucked down if you even try to fuck around
I'm at my show, my crew is thick
Never lacking, I'm always packing, plus I'm looking dip
Front all you want cause I dig the trigger
5'3" but I'm liver than a bigger n***a
And don't doubt my potential
I'm a giant in the mental when you play the instrumental
Ain't a n***a in his place that can fuck with this
?Slopping to chuck? to tell a man to step up to this
And watch him drop, faster than a free fall
To be a giant you don't really have to be tall
Rapper that thought I was dope, yeah they had sense
The ones that thought I was weak, now they past tense
You can't phase or amaze me
Not O.G. or Kool G., I'm A.G
You were definite, but now you're not sure
Cause you never heard the lyrics of a giant before
In the mental

[Verse 3]
I keep it true and soon I'll be known as a fat star
You wanna go nine yards? You can't go that far
Chill, you step in the ville, we be wildin'
Throw your hads up, you'll end up in a Fiji island
Thoughts are faded, I made it, you hate it
The way I kept this, step to this and get assassinated
That's what you'll get, but I won't let
You get in my face cause you must be a space cadet
On your mark get set, matter fact, no better yet
Brothers who clock Z's will catch the whole alphabet
Get with these, n***a please, throw your toys up
You'd better get street smart and call your boys up
Tell 'em who I am, whoever they're supposed to be
Pads and projects, that's where I mostly be
There's a phone, you'd better start dialing
A on my chest, no it don't stand for Alvin
You can step to, but you won't get through
Rapper that are gifted are still twisted into pretzels
Do it for fun, cause he's more like a ?Harvey R?
Took what I wrote and get broke like a Barbie doll
I'm hitting hard, and what does my card say?
I'm unstoppable, you have to find out the hard way
We can play, but don't say "Let's get technical"
Dre's designed to be like a wrecking crew
A professional, exceptional
And watch who you're stepping to
Cause if you step this way, you're sure to be done by Dre
Andre's a Giant, that's what some would say
I nifty, I'm great, I'm wise, many come after that
Since I'm a suprise, I'm one good Cracker Jack
Thoughts maintain in my brain, don't use a pencil
More than hype, but I'm a giant in the mental