Showbiz & A.G.
Bars in the Booth (Session 4)
[Intro: A.G.]
Yeah ya know what it is
Show & A.G
Bars in the Booth
Premier was here, huh
South Bronx baby
Diggin in the Crates for life

[Verse: A.G.]
King of the courtyard, call me A like report card
I give a fuck about these cameras like porn stars
You think I flew in to London
The way I throw heat like Heathrow
I'm in the hood on the Friday and I'm looking for Debo
So many bars got them screaming for the CO
I take a photo with my people
A thousand likes on the gram, that's a kilo
So serious, playing with the beat though
Usual suspect, skully with the petticoat
World premiere, I run the globe and ask Premo
You see me and you see Show
Flags up, got Vanguard with me
So crazy with the verses, my man moms hit me
Said n***a you the illest, I disagree not
Tag my name on her stain, I write on the spot
You lack class, you lack fame
You think you fly, have you missing like that plane
It's Red Apples, digging number four
One half of Show & A, I'm the A, I'm the raw, I'm the core
The n***a on the floor with your girl tryna score
It's like Wilt wearing slik n***a, huh
I'm the reason that see hates your style
You the reason she got a fake profile
And 'cause of me she feels liberated, huh
And 'cause of you she take her phone and incinerate it
Beast boy, n***a out the fed
Try to chill, now he back the fucking with Heavy D like Trouble T-Roy
I'm a hardcore b-boy
Looking for the truth, you a decoy, huh
Diggin' Entertainment, still drop bombs
A.G. D.I.T.C. dot com