Showbiz & A.G.
First things first, it'll always be, A.G. and Show
Lord Finesse, Diamond D and Joe
Buckwild and O.C., B-I-G n***a
So throw those L's up
Watch for the potholes when you jock notes
Inspired by 3, latin muchachos
A young lady, named Rosemary
My n***a 80 - nah y'all ain't hear me
N***as see the bling they wanna grab it
Underground heads mad - I stay frozen like a coke habit
{*inhale and shiver*} So much ice you would think I was a Goldie
Born at 7 months, even moms couldn't hold me
Know what she told me? (What she told you?) Live it to the fullest
Giant went to sleep and these cowards just awoke me
{*yawning*} After 14 years of pain
A new edition, so can you stand the rain?
I belong in Hip-Hop's Hall of Fame
On the same stage I'll put you all the shame
And violate my environment, cause the havoc
From the sirens and the firing of automatics
My n***a 80, told me don't front
You get beef from the weed man same n***a that sold me the pump
A's thunder, the 8th wonder
Flyin through the hood in fatigues with the cape under
[Hook One]
N***as say we real cause the way we got down
From the streets to the industry, locked down
Plot now on the world, that's the next stop
Ladies listen cause I'm known to hit the wet spot
The way I rock you would think I was S Dot
This is for my dawgs locked down in the pet shop

Y'all know me, I did it so long
They changed the A to the O, now they call me O.G
It's not a game, it's a lot of pain
Yeah they take the soul, you don't let 'em take your gold, chain
Sounds crazily bugged
I look down the barrel of your gun and tell you take it in blood
I was raised in the mud, so I don't care
I'm the n***a that rich kids, wanna follow here
And back in high school they used to snatch my Lee patch
The kid in the class chicks sucked they teeth at
(So what'chu do?) I dropped out, came back with the green Ac'
And a mean rap, you shoulda seen that
Gravy with 80, turn crazy you play me ha
So pay me or make me blaze at your baby - clack
It's them n***as again, 10 minutes to 10
I told you we in it to win, eat a dick or man up - what?~!
[Hook One]

[Hook Two]
From the states to the ones that the feds got
Send 'em flicks, even chicks give 'em head shots
I'm red hot, ask your man, we the champ dawg
You the type of n***a snitch and get your man caught
Last n***a tried to kick it n***a can't walk
Take the mic, if you trash cut your hands off

That's right, trash ass {n***as}
Trash ass {n***as} South mother{fuckin} Bronx
That's where we from baby! Internationally known
That's right, we make noise up in the joint dummy
Andre the mother{fuckin} Giant
A.G. y'all, G.D. we gettin dirty with it
Huh, I'm gettin dirty on the ave
I'm gettin dirty on the ave
Look, I'm gettin dirty on the ave
Huh, yeah, y'all know me, y'all know my squad
Diggin In The mother{fuckin} Crates
Throw them L's up