Showbiz & A.G.
Yeah I'm a backpack n***a, you mad whack n***a
We can act black and pass that n***a
I drive by like I-95
Oh you a tough cat - let's see if you got 9 lives
You wouldn't catch me with my pants down, unless
Old girl, show me what's under that sun dress
Besides that, I'm on point like a loose joint
Loose like a few coins, dread call me rudebwoy
Now you better move boy the 9 is angry
I ain't trippin it's only if you decide to play me
It's Diggin In The Crates homey, fuck one-time
We pump sunshine on the strip when it's snow-y
Outsmart the foxes and cheat the oxes
Got the game locked, therefore you need a locksmith
It's so real my shit bang in jail in the boxes
I'll accept the Grammy in socks and boxers

Cause we do it, big, get it, big
Run it, big, everything, fuck that
Yeah bigger than that, this shit is gigantic
'Cross the globe, everybody run panic
Cause we do it, big, get it, big
Run it, big, everything, fuck that
Bigger than that, this shit is gigantic
Got Andre still with them dirty habits
Now shorty came through with Maria and Marilyn
Attached to them was Mia and Madeline
So let me holla at Shaniqua and Carolyn
It's a 9-50 party, throw 'em all in the caravan
And if you happen to catch me without Flowy or 80
I throw it up, get it myself like I'm Tracy McGrady
It's like shootin yourself, fuckin with A.G
It's a - suicide, it's a suicide
And I move with a mob like Vito Andelini
General pop with a box, keep me out of P.C
I don't care who you are, how many cars you get
Keep fuckin with the God and I'll garage your shit
Park the gat in your mouth and scar your lips
Crack your teeth, let's see how many bars you spit
I'm hot, like I'm in Cali, wearin a mink
Set it off on instinct, POP, like N'Sync