Showbiz & A.G.
We Don’t Care
Uhh, uhh, uhh, that's right
A.G., that's right
Finesse what's poppin my n***a
N***a Scraggs this shit sound crazy
I'm straight dirt
Got this shit soundin real nice
D.I. and all that, Show where you at my n***a?
BX n***a, let's go

I empty Eagles if you think you the fifth Beatle
I'm evil, the left'll lean you, but the tec'll leave you
Now Joe Buddens must've pumped you up
N***as'll air you out, lay you down and slump you up
Nah - y'all can't beat him and I die for my freedom
Cover yout team in sheets, you would think it was a Klan's meeting
I'm sick with a screwdriver, I got screws loose
The fifth'll make 'em shit on theyself - I call it prune juice
Follow the path that made Pun sell
I throw my index and my thumb and represent my son L
That's 'til the lights go off
You gotta build/Bill Gates around your house cause you Microsoft
And it's time to get this thunder off
I come across some heat, beats made by the underboss
Make it do somersaults
We don't care - I make it hot on your block n***a
We're not scared of you - what you thinkin that you gangsta?
We don't care - thugs make slugs fly dawg
We're not scared of you - and no I'm not a killer but
We don't care - can't take my life without a fight n***a
We're not scared of you
Say my name and I'mma - be right there
We all know that semi auto boy - will put air in you

I'm straight dirt when I come around, do it like the Alamo
Send mainstream n***as underground with this hundred round calico
You had to know I'm a Casanov'
That don't matter though, cause the mac'll throw...back
His mommy held his body but he ain't there
And when homicide knock for me they say - he ain't here
And I run to avoid the sentence
My n***as call me A, you'd think they tryin to get my attention
And fuck what you say n***a this is raw
We let the streets judge, you wanna take this to court
I got 12 motherfuckers that'll plan your fate
Got sentenced to a lake in a van upstate
So why you fuckin with A
My n***a Boldfingaz glide on them keys like I'm fuckin with Ray

I shoot the fifth with Shane Mosley, like James Posey
I get grizzly, just for thinkin we ain't dirty
Remain dingy, I'm past crazy, I'm 8:30
Off the hizzy, up in V-A like I'm Missy
And I wish he, wouldn't come to me though
And cause you got a Scarface don't mean youse a young Pacino
Youse as dumb as Dino, and you about to be extinct
I'll have your girl wearin black same day she wearin pink
With the powder blue diesel and a link, I had to do it
Even had her do it on the sink, how a master do it
She feel like paradise when A be with her
She swallow crazy I call her the babysitter
And I ain't got no young'uns, I just take n***as and son 'em
Like Mr. Drummond I'm gone - where's the horns?

[Hook] - to fade