Showbiz & A.G.
Welcome to Assholeville
[Verse: Apathy]
I talk shit like my shit don't stink
I don't front like I'm rich, I don't rock no link
I never puff piff, and my clothes ain't pink
I ain't a punk ain't a pimp but I walk with a limp
I'm real cool, educated but never graduated school
I was a little kid on Ritalin that was ridiculed
Most rappers yall put on pedestals are pitiful
MySpace pedophiles, completely predictable
Pick apart my flow pattern completely invincible
Try to read off the notebook the words are invisible
Visualize this if you can invision
Spitting so precise its like Christ has arisen when he writes
Alright, alright, I let ya catch up
This ain't nothing but a button to make ya self destruct
Structure strategies
Suckers get stripped quicker than whips in the hood
So get going while the going is good
And if ya didn’t ya should
Shut up and open ya ears
Spit out a flow so fierce every foe disappears
I been ferocious for years, so fuck ya bogus careers
Yall got it popping, well nobody even notice ya here
You like mosquitoes in ears, buzzing but swiftly get swatted
As quick as I’m spotted these muthafuckas pussies are clotted
You get it you got it, you got me so the chicks be exotic
Even my peoples up in Boston say I’m simply retarded
Pumping that hydroponic, aquatic fluid, the speakers blewing
Shit I speak is deep as druids, I'm street, and speaking fluent
Influence like Influenza when I spread in ya centre
This menace will send a sickness up in ya bitches placenta
So suckers surrender
With different rapper, chicken macka, trick attracter
Old school muthafuckers be like listen to the whippersnapper!
Bitch attacker, dick her after, hang her from the kitchen rafter
Chip stacker, click-clacker, nobody can spit it badder
Kill that chitter chatter throw some blows and ya chin’ll shatter
There ain't been a sicker cracker since Serch or Mr. Mathers
It’s the baddest average, Ap’s after star status
So he gases up the masses then its ashes to ashes
Now, let me breath on it, kill MC’s on it
Fuck ya girlfriend's face and blow seeds on it
Yall musta really got it twisted thinking Ap’s so chill
You see that sign up ahead? Welcome to assholeville
I'm in an whip blowing donuts with 2 hoes sluts blowing both nuts
My girl hear this, she gonna go nuts
I'm Eazy-E, loc'ed up, I'm Bobby Brown coked up
Fucking Jessica Simpson after her and Nick broke up
I'm sittin' on the border of Heaven and Hell
Praying to God and Satan at the same time so records will sell
With every breath I exhale
Another crucifix nail, is impaled just to make certain I failed
But I ain't stopping 'till I’m dropping, that’s just simply not an option
Get it popping or I'm pumpin' oxyconton in Wisconsin
I rap and produce to an felon and boost to
Believe me 'coz CD's ain't sellin' like they used to...
Believe me 'coz CD’s ain't sellin' like they used to…