Shut down
Verse 1 - in the living hell my dad saw me I was locked up that Shit was so fucked up gave some bribes to get shutup baby lucky she left me now she's my enemy don't fuck with my legacy (don't fuck with my legacy)
Okay bitch, can't you see I'm high on Hennessy still you check on me why you used to tempt on me, okay I'm not fine yeah mind is going rewind yeah I thought she was mine yeah shit is so confined yeah

Chorus: Adlibs with trap music (it'll be after second verse)

Verse 2- okay I'm nervous yeah that shit on purpose ayy used to do wheelies on the streets that shit ain't circus ayy funny how time pass I'm only guy first class still I want more cash this shit not whack oh Lord this life is crazy that bitch left me was my baby she was nothing but used to be my lady that's crazy shits crazy they show class because they're trash shit why I'm riding so fast

Chorus - okay girl shut down please never turn around girl you are a fool see just like a clown, somewhere you're still mine I don't wanna do no crime x2