MC Hammer
Straight To My Feet
[Chorus: Deion Sanders]
Straight to my feet
When you feel the beat, you gotta move your feet
Straight to my feet
Straight to my feet
Can you feel the beat, can you feel me
Straight to my feet
When you feel the beat, you gotta move your feet

[Verse 1: MC Hammer]
I'm livin' this funk like bald flat tires
Pumpin' it higher (the roof's on fire)
The homies ain't tired (it's my desire)
To break it off, homes, but you can't deal
'Cause I keep it beat first, and it's all year
Stickin' with the homies not down with the front game
Straight to the point, we pump it up mane
I'm grabbin' me a freak and I'm strippin' my beat, yeah


[Verse 2: MC Hammer]
You're feelin' this funk (side to side, right)
Then you come inside (we love this ride)
Brothers suplex soldier, I told ya, yo suck it (your party ain't over)
We keep it brown for the town, did you hit the spot on partner's stop
Drop, not lean. (If you know what I mean, I'm to my feet)

Alright everbody get ready
We got to take this man to another level
On the level, get your hands in the air
Now we got it down, y'all get ready
And be smooth with it
Alright here we go, 3-2-1 now sing

[Verse 3: MC Hammer]
Now this the type of funk we kick all the time
Grab, could a Hammer get to the prime
Oh man, I get to feelin' it (all night long)
Did I hit it? (That's another story)
I swarm, then the party's on
(The party keeps kickin, kickin)
To the break of dawn (party's on the up say what say what)
We straighten ya out