MC Hammer
Break ‘Em Off Somethin’ Proper
Chorus (8x): (Q-tip)
What you say Hammer? Proper
We about to break em off somethin Proper

Once again it's on!
You brothers tried to diss me
You missed me
Chill G, for real G
Man you n***as kill me
Tryin to knock me off the top
Yo there's no contest G in the market
You dead as Elvis Presley
As I deliver, hits to make 'em quiver
Make em shiver, Q-tip couldn't flow if he was a river
And me, I'm sellin' milli like run of the mill
And like Big Daddy said "I'm wondering How You Got a Record Deal"
Whatever it takes, to make hits, you ain't got it
Til this day you never ? never had it
For me I tend to kick it like a partner
And must I remind you, I'm the funky headhunter
I understand you 'bout as manly as Rupaul
I come on your block and move you out like a U-Haul
So step right up and be the next contestant
A Tribe Called Quest Is A Bad Investment
I'm breakin em off somethin proper!
Chorus (4x)

Hammer and 2 Bigg MC

Like Hardaway boy I got skills
Like 7up you never had it never will
You talking that mess on your records but face to face you just a punk
When I see you Kriss Kross couldn’t make you jump
(now they don't want funk)
Your wack album out be doin'
That Native Tongue bullshit, it's gotta go gotta go
So pick a time and a place if you ever want to THROW EM G
Cause you could stay if u was Jodeci (Do u wanna Just Stay!)
So get yourself some protection
Or I'ma have your head in that played out rapper's collection

(2 Bigg MC)
Just like Pendergrass “Lights Out”
I advise you keep his name out yo mouth
Cause you probably diss hammer fast son
Get out when you can...

...Or catch a bad one!
You better believe that I'm droppin you...
(2 Bigg MC)
...Right on yo ass!

(MC Hammer)
We breakin 'em off somethin proper!

Chorus (6x)

Like the rest you was tryin to get paid
These days you walkin' around the Raid
Cause I'm known to blow 'em away like a hand grenade

(2 Bigg MC)
We don't get props for jumping punks
You ain't in our league
And with the slangin' these bees

(MC Hammer)
Fool please!
I'm a high speed B-boy nuff said
The funky headhunter so I can't get enough head!

(2 Bigg MC)
Diss me I'll sit your ass in the tortuary
I'm makin your home a mortuary
(MC Hammer)
I'm so hyped to make you seat like a sedative
You didn't sign to another crew had to be a relative

(Suge Knight)
You all about as real as yo gel fro
For you we had no use, so we gon' execute you like Death Row

(MC Hammer)
So don't misunderstand
I was a Menace 2 Society
When ya'll were Little Boys In Da Hood

(Suge Knight)
I rearranged your face like a doctor

(MC Hammer)
When you cross my path
Prepare to feel the wrath
We breakin em off with somethin proper!

I'm sendin this to all my women!
All them girls that gotta say Daddy Hammer's name
When they in the studio

You punk you trick I like the way you say Daddy Hammer's name
I like it! I like it! I like it! You punk tricks!

(Suge Knight)
Man you know you wanna cus them fools out!
(Suge and 2 Bigg MC)
Redman, Gonna put em on the hoe stroll!
Dres, gonna put em on the hoe stroll!
Q-tip, gonna put em on the hoe stroll!
Rodney-O, already on the hoe stroll!
Serch couldn't sell on the hoe stroll!

(2 Bigg MC)
Man what about Run D. M. C
Too Old For the hoe stroll!