MC Hammer
Mmm yeah
[Stevie Wonder: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah]
Well alright, yeah, well alright, yes (yeah), Alright yeah (yeah), well alright
[Babyface: (Oh yes, ah yeah)]
Oh yes, so good
Oh yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so good
[Luther Vandross: Everybody, all of the people say]
Yeah, yeah
[Johnny Gill: Say yeah, yeah]
Yeah, yeah (Alright, so good)
Yeah, yeah (Anything you wanna)
[Patti LaBelle: Say yeah, yeah]
Yeah, yeah (Anything you wanna)
Do, do, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah… (Anything you wanna)
[Heavy D: The 'y' to the 'e' to the 's', yes, y'all
The 'y' to the 'e' to the 's', yes]
Yeah, yeah
Julio say yes
[Julio Iglesias: Sí, sí, sí]
Oh yeah
Yeah, uh!!
Yeah, yeah
[Luther: I just wanna say]
[En Vogue: Oh yes]
[Luther: Ooh yeah]
Yeah, yeah
Why don't ya say
Yeah, yeah
Just got to say yes
Just got to say yes
It's ok
[Babyface: Everybody sing, everybody sing]
[Patti LaBellel: Just say it]
[Heavy D: The 'y' to the 'e' to the 's', yes, y'all
The 'y' to the 'e' to the 's', yes, y'all]
Yeah, yeah, do, uh yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, aha!
Yeah, don't you feel like say it?
Yeah, yes
You gotta feel it, gotta feel it deep down inside
You gotta try
Oh yeah
You gotta really need, yes
Sí, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, c'mon
Keep on, (sí), keep on (sí)
It's all about to go and wanna feel it
[Michael Jackson: Can you feel it? Feel it!]
All the people say: alright
Yes, it's all about… uh, uh, uh
Wanna say yes
Say yes right now
[Luther: I can only say yes]
I wanna say yes
[Luther: If you ask me, only say yeah]
I wanna say yes
[Luther: That's all I can do...]
Yeah, yes
[Luther: say yeah yeah, say yeah
If you ask me I, I can only say
I can only say yeah]
Yes, yes, yes!
Any time that you want me to
I will say yes to you
[Michael Jackson: Yeah, yeah, yeah]
So glad you're saying yes to me
[Johnny Gill: Say yeah, say yeah, say yeah]
[Janet Jackson: Ah, that is so cute]
[Luther: If you wanna know the answer is, yes]
Yeah, yeah
[Luther: The answer is, yes]
[Luther: That's right]
C'mon, say yeah
[Patti LaBelle: Everybody sing…]
Yes! Yeah!
It's alright now, it's alright now, say yes now, say yes now
[Luther: Somebody's going off singing...]
Say yeah…
Ooh, yeah… yes
It's all about you…