Binary Star
Decompoze, freakin' flows til the speaker blows

It's so real
So ill
Swallow a pill
Gargle and spill
Control the wheel
Burn Rubber appeal
Never let the motor chill
Seen more faces than poker deals
Tank tops, bare arms
Where the soldiers kill
With Hogan appeal
Holdin' the steel
Blazin' guns
Raisin in the Sun
Hot as oat meal
I write poems for thrill
They bite like a Doberman's grill
Fade you like the Barber of a Seville
Maybe it's over ya head
Maybe you over the hill
Like O'Neal
It don't take a Kobe to squeal
Or the Coffee holdin' the milk
But not the Cream
Get the money
Dolla dolla bill
Fill the envelope
Broken the seal
You' coming up stiletto
We ballin' like Wilt strollin' on stilts
Fully built
You think like the Wolf blowin' at pigs
You' too soft
It feel like the wind blowing at silk
The rain blowing
The brainstorming
The lightening bolt on the hill
Verse electrifying eel
Power for a drill
In the flesh
Like the fangs Cobras reveal
Throw the staff like Moses will
Speaking of the spoken
I throw'em a deal
Everybody know that it's real/Isreal
Time to go for your shield
The only hope for Khalil
Muhammad spoke to Ji'bril
It's less snow on the window sill
The more colder it feel
Devoted to explode it at will
F**k ball, got bigger Jordan's to fill
You Jack while I'm bonin' my Jill
It's the Bad Boy Daily
Coach of the Year
The moment you fear
Still, yeah