The Pack
Vans (Remix)
[Intro: Mistah FAB]
Ay, man!
I got something to say to these cats out here
Talking about "they don't wear Vans!"
What? We been wearin' Vans in the Bay, man!
Mistah FAB, Da Yellow Bus Rydah, man
Mac Dre wore Vans!
He support the Vans movement, man!
You know what I'm talking about?
We do this semi-retarded in our Vans!
Short Dawg, Wolfpack, REMIX!

[Hook: x2]
Got my vans but they look like sneakers
Got my vans but they look like sneakers
Got my vans but they look like sneakers
Wearing coke whites but my vans are cleaner

[Mistah Fab:]
Mistah Fab wear vans but only the exclusive
Ed Hardy edition check out all the lusive
Use to wear coasters Bruce Lee slip ons
They ain't last all vans but wasn't even trip on
Only wearin one slice decavilero
Call Mistah Fab Tony Hawk of the ghetto
Wolfpack do gummy that's smashes
Got my vans on undercover wat happnin
Still got my vans on laced up classics
Holla at a bad chick vans worth magics
Yea at the mall with my all whites on
Yea Yea Yea I'm in my zone
Tag still on, haters get gone
In the club dude don't scuff my shoe
My vans all blue 2 ton surface
Step in the room all the girlies gettin nervous


V-A-N-S your boy is so fresh
Diamonds on my grill match your bate hoddy on my chest
Slide to 5 and O get a fesh pair
Yea u know the deal size ten wat I wear
I get paid man I'm like dre man
It's some grey vans in my rey ban
Yea Young Stunna I'm da man
With a g half a g still saggin on my pants

[Too $hort:]
They can't hate on me
Got some diamonds to the vans cost 18 G's
I wear vans I don't skate or play sports
All I do is put the petal to the medal in the porche
I never wear nikes it's official
Got my vans on while she blowin my whistle
So don't make sure it start
Doin donuts in the scraper at the skateboard park

Tight shirt baggy jeans with some laced up vans
N***as match wanna hate cause his chick is a fan
This my style you ain't gotta jock me
See your chicks whole line now you tryin to copy
Yea I'm lil uno the prince of this vans
Soon to be king cause it spark like magic
Yea vans if they got a skull head
Stop wearing slip ons so they betta have laces
[Lil B:]
Fresh to the vans all black white laces
Walk down the streets all the ladies turn faces
Yea I'm the shit so I walk like I'm kakin
My shoe string loose every time I call the label
Ask me never disappear like magic
So I walk black all space like NASA
Yes, yes vans go
And in case you ain't know
It's a wolfpack song