The Pack
Ride My Bike
Ride my bike girl tell me how it feels(What)[x2]
Seal it wit a sex lil mamma wats the deal

[Young Stunna:]
Its Stunna Man
Young Stunna man I'm cool in the weatha
I hop over the cloud and stand the cool weatha
Secret leatha man but its obvious I'm betta
Super soaks in my pants ay man I wet her
Fly got cheddar
400 dollar sweaters
Imperior to the lanes cause my words play clever
Vans or leather imma skatepunk shredder
Ashley and Michelle I call it a double header
I am fucking icy there's nothing I could get her
Mouth like snow turn summer into winter
She got to be slindder fast like a blender
Imma just bend her
I'm going to december
Big car loss hit the all star
Fucking like a pornstar now I'm in the new car
Go hard, I got a go kart
And you betta handcuff cuz I'll smash your whole car
[Young L:]
Ride L's bike no training wheels
Na Na its time for a cavity search
You been a freak since birth
Show me wat its worth
Soft like nerf take the booty from the turf
No rip the slip
Just bop the boom bop
Young L got a chain like fruity loops
Stick to your chick make it hoo la hoop
Remember ice cream candy thats super scoop
What I'm saying when I ride my bike
I drive zomber up all night
Club,tele,fuck all night
Its skateboard L I skate all nice
I spit it dice I dont care
I see your underwear
Take off your underwear
Keep talkin bout chains na dont care