The Pack
[Hook: Lil B]
We can freak it, freak if you want to, but
Fuck if you want to, cause condoms is needed to know
That we can freak it, freak if you want to, but
Fuck if you want to, cause condoms is needed to know

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Babe, I want to freak you, I need to bust nuts (Yess!)
You a nymph, I'm a freak, we can fuck in the [?]
Yeah, baby, no boppers, I'm loosing my boxers (Bop boppers!)
Me and Pack n***as laying dick like rockers (Hey!)
I love to beat it up, get flipped like spatulas (Go!)
Got a big swipe and your girl call it magic (Yes!)
Just above fucking, I like to get suction (Yes!)
Give her back shots, lay it down while we cutting (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Pushing no buttons, fucking no rubbers (Yesss!)
Get it all day, dick spread like mustard (Yes!)
Don't say shit when we fuck and no cussing (Nope!)
In and out of shit like a n***a that's hustling
Pussy too sweet, give props to the fuckers (Yes!)
Respect all the girls, watch love become lovers
Be Clooney, bitch, I'll see you under covers (Yes!)
Young L on the beat, so, n***a, it's nothing

[Hook: Lil B]
[Verse 2: Young L]
(Yo, Yo)
You're talking about sex, L'll give you what you need (Yeah!)
Say you're hungry for some loving? Let your appetite feed (let your appetite feed)
Once we get up in the sheets I'mma tear them walls down (Yep!)
From the bed to the ground, you gon' hear that "clap" sound (Yes!)
Hear the 808 pound with that kick drum blasting (Yeah!)
Catch me with your girl in the pipe bright [?] (Uh!)
L dot Smith; call me the love doctor
Catch her in the room cuffed up, call me [?] (call me [?])
Tints 14, make sure I [?]
Yeah, give me the cream I envisioned in my dreams (Yeah!)
Holla at your boy if you want that Good (want that Good)
Chick ain't driving, but she palming wood
Yeah (yeah), got bars of the shit
I told my little brother that it's all in the hips (all in the hips)
Throw that pussy over here? I'll throw that dick right back (right back)
Let me see you shake crack; LMR fucking mac

[Hook: Lil B]

[Verse 3: {V-Nasty?}]
Yeah, I'm a pimp, I can tell you something, n***as (Yes! Bitch!)
Make them lick pearl; we ain't sucking no n***as (no n***as)
Dope girls, dope girls, yeah we the shit (Yes!)
Make n***a break bread cause I'm trying to get rich (Break that bread!)
We still in the party with Vans, no Nikes (No nikessss!)
You see my whole clique? Yeah, bitch, we icey (Icey!)
Because I go dumb, some bitches want to fight me
But I ain't never trip cause, bitch, I'm hyphy
[Verse 4: {????}]
Ice cream, ice cream, that's what I got (Who want it? Yes!)
Even boy that sell hop, they be on my jock
You see me in the club, girl, I'm a grown woman (Grown-ass woman)
If you looking hella stupid, I ain't fucking with nothing
Yeah I'm rich, bitch, and I got about a hundred
You better be clean with dubs on the scraper
Money over dick cause I'm trying to get paper (Paper!)
Dope girls, birth, and we ain't fucking with no haters