The Pack
2 dumb
Do U Hit This Yea U Kno Who Da Fuck I Am, No Introduction Needed
Its The Pack Nfl(Yess) Wut It Do, Wut It Do Already Kno

[Chorus: x2]
Hey My N***as Go 2 Dumb, 20 Deep In The Party And We All On One (Thizz) Yess And The Grapes Stay Smokin' Donuts In The Street Wit The Doors Wide Open

[Verse 1: Stunna]
U Gotta Scraper Hit The Gas Start Yokin, I'm Dumb Tipsy But A N***a Still Focused, This Block Shit U Could Catch A N***a Posted, Kick It Wit A Bop, (One Time I Poke It), Finna Plug Ya Airways
Just Like Locusts,15s On Slump Always Scrapin' Through Oakland,Yeaaa, Young Stunna So Icey, U Ain't Never Seen A N***a Out Here Like Me, L.R.G. Hoodie Wit My Coke White Nikes, From The B-Town
So U Kno I Get Hyphy, I Shit On N***as I'm Somethin' Like A Seagull,Smoke Great Ticks 24s On The Reagell, Yokin With Young L Hittin Donuts Like Street Geal, U Ain't Goin Dumb, U Ain't Tellin The Truth, My N***as Go
18 While They Still On Roof, We In Da 4 Door Park Avenue, Fuck The Coop

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Stunna]
Wut They Say Stunna Sick Like Aids, And My Watch Looks Like It Was Dipped In Kool-Aid, So I Guess U Say This Young N***a Got It Made, Say U Get Money Like Me, I Don't Believe Ya, Cuz My Ears Look Like Ive Been Sittin
In The Freeza, Yeaa Or Rapid Ass N***as, George Clooney Type, Actin Ass N***a, I, I,I I'm So Bay Wit It, It Ain't A Scraper If It Ain't Got The Suction Wit It, U Can Hear Me From A Block Away, And U Don't Want It Homeboy Cuz I Like To Chop Or Spray, Right Were Ur Mama Lay, Yea
N***a Don't Play, Its The T.H.E. P.A.C. 2 Da K And I'm S.T.U.N.N. 2 Da A, Stunna N***as Thizzin All Day, Rest In Peace Mac Dre, Young L On The Beat, Its Reffered To The Bay

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Stunna]
These Feezy Jeans I'm Way To Fly, Purple Stuff I'm Way To High, Scrapin' At The Window My N***as On Both Sides, 2 Stewy In The Party My N***as Don't Lie, $200 Shoes Who Is Betta Than I, Yea My Squad Go Retarded, And Fuck Where U From,We Goin Bang Regardless Cuz We
Da Hardest, So You'd Betta Be The Smartest, First Thing On Ur Agenda Get The Fuck Up Out The Party, (Yea) Before U Get Stomped Out, Got 100 N***as Wit Me And We All From The South, Bops Get Me In The Sheets, Especially When I Got They Best Friends On My Team
My Turf N***as Put Ur Shit In The Air,How U Kno U Own A Turf,Cuz Theres Dreads Everywhere, 50 Henney In My Hand, I Blow Purple In The Air (Yess)
Hey My N***as Go 2 Dumb 20 Deep In The Party And We All On One (Thizz) Yess And The Grapes Stay Smokin' Donuts In The Streets With The Doors Wide Open...