Dilated Peoples
Live From Copenhagen

"Rakaa Iriscience"
"Rasheed equals Maylay Sparks"
"The Last Emperor"
"And The Boulevard Connect"
"Claimin respect"


Hey yo live from Copenhagen
Suckas should start prayin
Just hopin that I dont get to layin 'em down
Dazzelin' Dilated displayin new sound
Rak I crown the thoughts cus every days a new town (?)
Rakaa and Rasheed and The Last Emperor
Internationally leavin casualties of war
Lyrics that injure, hard to endure
Denmark, I rock the HT public transport
Ready for war, Typhoons and rainstorms
Gemini, jump on stage and change forms
From the angels of Cali to Illadels crack bell
Rap sale retail, but I deal with Detail
The mind blowin party rockin Platform crew
Thats Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence, Babu
Context had me askin "Yo, where the microphone is?"
I rock it for the fans and the Kroners off a bonus
"Claimin respect"

"Maylay Sparks"

The masked avenger, Maylay Spark up in Roskilde
Blast off, jump from the stage on damn fields
Broke a leg, run two kegs its the Christiania zombie
Choke any pipes to calm me
Im hot-strung, out on the run in Copenhagen
With The Last Emp, Dilated Peoples and Outfit
I spit, lyrics of life and insight
Smoke weed pipes, savagely strike ya stage mics
With Jason, name the time, the date, and the place son
I travel from the basement to face 'em
Typhoon backspins, under a fullmoon in Norway
Two Technics, crossfade the songs play
My short stay, FM dial, hit the flavor out in Sweden
Babs do the crowd while Im breathin
Trailblaze, hit the ? daze West Philly in ya section
Catch me on The Boulevard Connection

"Claimin respect"

"The Last Emperor"

Dont stop the motion, black magic posion
Take a hit from a spliff, braincell explosion
Engaged in, conversation with the god Odin
He said "Let these words be preserved as an omen"
I know about your quest for fortune and fame
So I brought you to the land of the Norsmen and Danes
I made it, a safe trip, now take it as a blessing
With Dilated Peoples on The Boulevard Connection
Continue to carry on in the most pure manner
Ten times as heavy as Thors warhammer
Strike back and fight back and subdo foes
Who try to throw dirt on The Emperors new clothes
He said "Last Emp, take this sword as a gift"
"I hereby dub you the dark lord of the syth"
For defense or offence, it dont make a diff
But dont forget to call Odin when rollin the next spliff
"Claimin respect"