Dilated Peoples
Let Your Thoughts Fly Away
[Verse 1: Evidence]
(So let your thoughts fly away)
Cause they go hard in the paint
Describe pain like angst, I hit a nerve like hypes'll hit a vein
Undecided if I'll ride or refrain
Through the night I'm on the side of them trains
Lifting up what I don't touch, designer the same
In the line of fire is fortune and fame

[Verse 2: Rakaa Iriscience]
(So let your thoughts fly away)
From the Angel City politics
Heaven's what they call it, but there's angry spirits haunting it
I need a break from all of it
Empty promises and COINTELPRO policy legacies put us all at risk
Punch the code in place where the passport's safe
The mind travels continents from L.A

[Verse 3: Evidence]
(So let your thoughts fly away)
On my block they said stacks are king
So once I got a couple stacks, I started packing things
Venice on the map is the jack that rings
Moving through a new a town a day
I kick the ground up, they found, hear the sound displayed
Once I hit the stage rounds are made
(So let your thoughts fly away) [x2]

[Verse 4: Rakaa Iriscience]
(So let your thoughts fly away)
I meditate before I open my eyes
And visualize mercy on my enemies, then I rise
I guess I'm praying in my own way, sight tracing the sunshine
Illuminate my son's face or beaming from my son's mind
Cutting through dark clouds even when the sky's grey
Dreaming even though we're wide awake

[Verse 5: Evidence]
(Let your thoughts...)
Say what's in your heart 'til the clock tics don't move
Between the hourglass sand I've been zoning on cruise
So check it out, a world premier and this my "moment of truth"
No fear, I kept devoted, then from going insane
The coldest road is now heating up the snow and the rain
Below the heavens 'til I'm boarding the plane

[Verse 6: Rakaa Iriscience]
(So let your thoughts fly away)
To a better place that was or will be
Why don't you fear death? You say life is trying to kill me
Climb higher, you're still free
Free your mind and explore the masterpiece that's outside of the frame lines
Sightsee at the same time, the world's in range
And it's strange the only constant is change