Tommy Wright III
One Man Gang
Rapist! Murderer, drive-by shootings
You name it, he done it!

[Verse 1]
A pimp makin' cheese, servin' junkies, cuttin' no fuckin' deals
These n***as they talkin' shit
How you figure I'm gon' let you live?
The life of a playa, movin' quick and at a steady pace
You've come to 4 Corners bitch
You gon' make my click catch a case
I blow a hoe up and set his world on fire, quick and fast
You feel something funny, bitch
That's my foot goin' up in yo ass
I'm straight out that "Pimpin Ville"
So that means I pose a threat
And I'm packin' heat my n***a, so don't show no disrespect
From powder to rock, I'm tryin' to sew up my fucking block
Them bricks to them junkies
But keep my crumbs in my matchbox
A veteran I'm in this game, a dope dealer makin' cheese
Negotiate for my ends and make sure I stash my keys
Bentley from sellin' stones that come in the purest form
My shit moves so fucking fast, you think it's a thunder storm
My plan and pimp is real, so duck when I pull my tone
And if you ain't trill n***a, then take yo punk ass on
Them Po-Pos watch, I also watch you with a loaded Glock
I'm gunnin', fuck runnin', if I hear somebody scream "knock!"
You bitches, you bitches, I'm knockin' stitches up in they ass
The rubber stay super tight, if I itch mane a bitch get blast
So pimps and killa thugs and dealers that slang 'caine
Don't nobody like me playa, fuck 'em I'm a one man gang
Step up, run up, get up, what's up suckers?
You want some of this? Then you're a stupid motherfucker

[Verse 2]
Nine on my waist line, pistol grip on my hip
Twenty-two's in my shoe, gauge pump in the trunk
Buckin' them bitches down tight, Tommy Wright, silent night
Seventeen shot Glock, bodies drop
N***a like Tommy Wright I shoot non-stop
Bloody handle, light them candles, it's a scandalous pursuit
Caught up in a slaughter by them n***as from 4 corners
Pimpin' Ville, shoot to kill
N***a don't duck, you better run
Play the dealer, I'm the bumble bee
Show yo cash, you'll get stung
Redrum on my street, Ten Wanted Men, fifty deep
On the creep while you sleep, take you off yo family tree
I'm a n***a just too clever to ever get caught up in that thang
Tommy Wright they call me
But my nick name is the "One Man Gang"

Step up, run up, get up, what's up suckers?
You want some of this? Then you're a stupid motherfucker
[Verse 3]
Tommy Wright the one man gang, pistol charge what I catch
Split yo wig, start to dig and lay these sissy hoes to rest
Up to the alley, runnin' to the cut
Comin' out a ditch, I'm creepin' slow
Straight from the back street to the front door
Kick it in and lay you on that floor
4 Corners, Pimpin' Ville, real trill where I'm from
Bullet to the fucking gun, A to the fuckin' K
D.O.A, red to the fucking rum
Body numb, Tommy Wright, silent night, one man gang
Slangin' 'caine and sellin' thangs
For y'all to shoot up in yo veins
Feeling strange, I'm insane, grab my gat, point and aim
Point blank range, have you heard? Tommy was a jail bird
201 the pen I'm from, 3 year sentence for my case
Lock down, division six, get them tricks up out my face
Hit my lawyer with two G, thousand dollar court cost
If I see them junkies on the street they gon' be six feet
(?) put my shit up on the news
Tommy Wright is with the jail and may bail way too soon
That was then, this is now, keep my name up out yo mouth
Some say I murder someone, some say I break in they house
N***as up in centre say I raped the hoe, bullshit!
If anythang the hoe raped me
And gave me the chewin' and licked my feet
N***as wanna diss on tapes, cause I wouldn't help them fool
Tell me something playa:
How I'mma help you when I'm assed out too?
I ain't just no stuck up n***a, pimp I'm down for whatever
You can rap - I make beats
Playa let's make some money together
T-Dog, Loko, Ramsey, Wild Child, Kingpin doin' stangs
Chicken Bone, Project Pimp, First Degree
And me the one man gang BITCH
Step up, run up, get up, what's up suckers?
You want some of this? Then you're a stupid motherfucker