Tommy Wright III
End Up Missing
[Verse 1: Tommy Wright III]

Straight from a hood known as 4 Corner Pimpin Ville
Ain't no n***a runnin
We be gunnin
Cause we shoot to kill
Take a chance with yo life
Steppin with one bullet left
If you want to kneel mane you better not take that last breath
I'll get yo gat
Cock it back and don't be scared to shoot
[?] cut that phone line
Hit the stash and find the loot
1995 got's to change cause im tired as fuck
Third word come back me up
Everybody duck
Tommy wright
Silent night
17 shot Glock bodies drop
Pistol play gonna get you spraied
JBC gonna close your grave
Take a n***as cash
Buck him down
Beat him to the floor
Bitches like to scream and cause a scene
So we gonna fuck his hoe
If a n***a is steppin with his weapon bring him to the door
Watch my back
Lil fly try to occupie the fucking folks
Gangsta Blac is on the phone
Tell him to bring Southpark
I know thats a little to many but I likes to hit you hard
N***as got's to realize, recognize
Lives gonna be chopperdized
Tommy wright is on the rise
10 wanted men thats my cliqq
County jail bound
N***as with guns luck you in the trunk so ain't no telling where your bodie gonna be found
N***a wanna step i got the weapons for them bitches
Leave them n***as of in ditches and I grand theft wishes
On them snitches drop them bitches on a mission
Soldiers slippin to them pimpin them im spittin givin you no funking attention
While this anna got me clickin like a time bomb
Tickin, always trippin, Tommy wicked
One of you hoes gonna end up missing
[Verse 2: Tommy Wright III]

Cemetery ashes send them busters to the grave yard
Mortuary you dont scare me
Some of you hoes gonna get buried
Fucking with this psychopatic mad man killer
T o m m y w r i g h t the third the grave digger
How you figure
Pimpin ville n***as scared to pull them triggers
[?] your hood
[?] is mine
Best betreat 4 corners bigger
Bigger than you n***as
Fuck you fool
Fuck your crew
Fuck your hood
Fuck your friends
Fuck your bitch and fuck your group
Tommy crew but [?]
When I break your back
Tommy Wright I creep at night like dynamite when im on the track
Call me a [?] when i [?] to this death wish
You gonna get 3 [?]
My gun [?]
Thats how Tommys doin thangs
Tommy Wright is in a gang
Player shit and gangsta shit
To me my n***a its all the same
Feeling strange
Grab my gat
Point and aim
Point blank range
Have you heard
Fucking with us gonna get you served