Tommy Wright III
Hit List
[Verse 1: MC Black]
I lay my cards on the table
Flip ´em over it´s full house
Sippin on my drink
Got me starring now I´m trippin nah
Goldie got my back we go creepin with the sawed off
Ricochet boom ping ping bodies [?]
Cemetery action don´t be slacking
Slippin get you killed
Mac is in this motherfucker trick get your wig split
Dollar bills that I stack keep me on the track
Make a hustle for a living by the trigger with a gat on
Bust n***a duck duck we gon´play a tune
Got the game from the streets
Just from fucking with them old coons
Notice how I listen to that old fucker daliq shit
Parliament, Marvin Gate bumping every greatest hit
N***as on the side in the shadow of a real pimp
Gossip like a hoe getting mad
Who you checking bitch

[Hook: King Goldie]x4
Ain´t no use in throwing blows
I just wanna smoke you hoe

[Verse 2: Tommy Wright III]
Why you wanna check
I got my gack I hang with og´s
Hoes wanna throw blows
And roll up their sleeves
But a n***a like me ain´t ready to hit the dirt
Getting all musty now I´m fresh with my guess
And you wanna get me dusty
These punks taking of their shirt
Showing out for the bitches
Fuck all you tricks
I ain´t bought these extra clips for shit
Somebody gon´ have to pay
Cause we´re from the west bay
If you get too frightened when you get whooped
You gon´ get a gat anyway
Wanna fight for two or three minutes
Police been [?]
Let´s just get this shit over with
So Tommy Wright can vent bitch
Ain´t no use of being fair
Cause my opponent will do it too
West side jawing [?] n***as always got a come out true
I ain´t finna scrap I wanna do more than just dish your pain
In that way I can never get stuck with your fucking blood stain
[Hook: King Goldie]x4
Ain´t no use in throwing blows
I just wanna smoke you hoe

[Verse 3: King Goldie]
It´s about the time
For me to light a spliff up
Take a deep puff
Once again blow this roof off this motherfucker
Pass me a light let me demonstrate
It´s a deadly/ daily thang if you can´t hang
Get the fuck away
From that [?] don´t step
Wrong living kind of fat
But it´s hard being there
So I´m winning [?]
Call them pop one time in your scull
You gon´ fuck who?
Dead on your back turn them Ashes 2 Dust fool
Caught up in a 187 red rom make it manslaughter
Calling all cars
Goldie on the run
Fuck that I ain´t finna run
On the 206 guilty
They gon´ have to catch me lying six feet
Shit on my mind in my world full of green dollars
Bitches I can fuck see they all love a king
Mr. Goldie say it loud
I fuck ´em harder
I break some up
Something propper with this head knuckle
Yo I [?]
And stroke ´em like a champ
I hit ´em for that money motherfucker
Then I vent
[Hook: King Goldie]x4
Ain´t no use in throwing blows
I just wanna smoke you hoe