Once again (x2)
We've been sent to turn off the iron slot
Let it sit, we strike when the iron's hot
Give in except we waste not we want not
Let it sit, we strike when the iron's hot

[Verse 1:]
It’s our pill we stay up till the sun pops
Out the toaster, the body’s a holster
The weapon’s within
Safety is censorship
Selectively remembering bit by bit
A strategist had to wish bought to come true
Dips on the one always up around two pounds
Still without bouncers preserve not founders
Astounded by at is available over these counters
Get the prescription fit the description
We live life music is a depiction
I know we are held down by more than gravity
We don’t sugar coat it leads to body cavities
Frozen authority are the minority
Creation of the gun killed inferiority
So they think we’re a weak majority
How rich are they when they treat people poorly
[Verse 2:]
Still hear sirens
Time to strike
Focus on the light s of mic on deck filing
Ready rhymes boot thug on the front line
Every year deeper trenches sacrifice time
A strong force undetected well respected
Our hearts is well protected unanimous is effective
Vicious beats like legalize dope
But I never wrote my life I wrote to give hope
In the line of fire that they admire
The drive that keeps us running cause it’s a love that never tires
Hate will expire, gates waiting to enter
Take no prisoners
Free up the listeners
Style massacre unveils the masquerade
Some of them will say place the rest you can’t save
The lighthouse signifies our attack
We are the solider with the smile and we got it y’all back


[Verse 3:]
On the search of parameter
Blue eyes cover up for the new cops
Man enough to wield a Desert E
But enough to build a better league
Hand the cuffs over with [?]
Wanna be a matyr go ahead
Then in a direction that’s been run to death in seconds coming next
Feeling vacation televised medication
On every station and become one with creation
Geppetto walking terrorist harder to shoot
When you know it’s yourself on the other end of the barrel
Narrow knowledge expanding of wisdom where prophecies
[?] system
Free will must be connected by vision
Nitroglycerin choose light mics no excuse
Right who is right
Till we all choose light
There is a reason for the belligerence