Peace Mic
They must pay attention

[ Chorus: all ]
In the way of the roundtable knights like these
Chariots of fire bring the circle of weed
Each participant magnificent
Pass the peace mic, come back to me

[ VERSE 1: Dannu ]
Seen us comin' but did you brace yourself for the impact?
Our mic stats in place of wealth
Common goals with commoners visible to the ear
Bassline rider
Direction of life, points of a mic
Our shape super type
Translate, keep it right
Light up these knights, on cue, won't you
Rhett, scratch it out
Same love, different route

If I was to stay potted, my roots couldn't grow
Freely, confined, constricted
Combine conflict with ultimate grace
Individual space was my downfall in a way
Don't leave
I must uplift the one who never left
Wings spread, sword drift
Super death is a goal, what's impossible
Exchange answers for questions on a serious note
[ VERSE 3: Key-Kool ]
We're the Wright brothers, 'bout to reinvent flight
On another plane, lyrical all-terrain
Pathfinders, remove the binders
Metaphorical minds, this is a rewinder
Reject, spread it, the direction we're headed
Is your deposit, more contributions than debits
So our balance is over negative
I keep my mind on the future so I can stay ahead of it