Tipping the Scales
Ooh ooh ooh .....ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh oooh ooh

[Chorus] repeat 2x
Lie, cheat, steal, kill, certainly the shoes
I'm not tryin to fill

Love, live, balance, forgive, God forbid
I dont properly raise a kid

[verse 1]
Thats overnight success
I'm all day, I'm not easily fooled
With what they portray
Its for the line rate
The labels of venom
Syndastry puppets
Beware of the trumpets
Hunger for fame heres a full course meal
Free mason throw out that record deal
I'm independent with major intentions
Were cashing in with honorable mentions
Our glory to God, murder self righteousness
Most of my associates do agree with this
So be it, it took time it took time to accept
Apply to the living then take the step
Left right in motion, full of devotion
Pray for a future without corrosion
Angels all around fixing whats broken
Too much toastin mixed with boastin
Emptyness can't be filled with emptyness
Imagine being on God's guest list
This world is careless, yes I care
I'm always open arms for you over there
[Chorus] repeat 2x

[verse 2]
Apply the brakes to make a pit stop(rrr)
Hip hop blasting out the back to cover the tracks to rot
Its like you might of rocked the mic alot
In closed proximity I can tell you lock comminity
The way you rock mehididty plots
Minutely gripping the action in a fraction of after thought
Attacking from the comforts of my home dispatcher
Special voices from the tone of my voices
To the drone of my choices
On my own I can hoist the flags of five
But the culture of my crew helps me keep hope alive
Reinform the illen vibes, it gives me strength to survive
Educated and street wise, elder of the V.I.s
Or liking and adding the precise of my seven twelveth behives
The best of best of year is yet to come
What makes one a better run
Better run back to the underground
Where you came from
Hell no he replied as long as there's a steady rhyme supply
We keep coming back we won't die

[Chorus] Repeat 2x