Stand Still
At a standstill, frozen
Posin' for a portrait, framed with guidance
Three-pronged like a trident
Try it in a 'port, report the second hand smoke
Rumors are contagious
Some of the things heard are truly outrageous
Age put the rage in us, who's this pagin' us?
Uphold maintenance to avoid rust
Simplify competitive complexities
I beg for forgiveness - please
We share to uplift this round square
We're not one, beat the drum without a care
Don't you dare chat to me in that manner
Different territory, different type of grammar
Bond family, no relationship to Bammer
Number one mover and shaker of a tackle
You're uneven, you need more spackle
Bitin' like a jackal, snap, crackle and pop
Slung herbs to this cop, didn't do it a lot
Once it's off the lot it depreciates
Motor mile stop revvin for the pedestrians
State your full name, answer questions
Take all this as suggestions

[ Chorus ]
Days are limited
Look at life, how you're livin' it
Got the solution, apply
Worthless information, lie
Why fear Armageddon
When there's eternal life in heaven
Get that overhaul, get the engine revvin
Play the wall at the Gavin convention
Dead-end your ego like vehicle
People, it's repairable plus fareable
Elementals terrible
The only way they'll get five mics from the Source
Is a t-shirt, be hurt
Inadvertenly dominary
Whenever there's a turntable I'ma be heard
Preferred Visionary, wha-wha-wha-wha
Got your attention like TV
I place no value on shock, rock for you to see
Check the policy, honesty is a rarity
Include me in a ( ? ) theory
Clearly not overnight I ( ? ) man
Excellent a walk in the park, Cali accent
There's always room for improvement
Done it before they do it
Do it bits and pieces
All releases increases
Canadian currency
Currently a blessed MC
[ Chorus ]