Where Did All The Love Go
Alright go
Where'd did the love go? (Oh)

This could be our little love song
I done wrong, so now when the loves gone
This could be my song to feel sorry
Or pick myself up and say don't worry
Old story, girl love guy
Guy lies, he makes her cry
Girl tries, he lets love die
Then she's gone, and he see's why
Why, we hate who we love
Because it blocks out what occurs
When you love so much need hate to purge
When we stop loving what you can't have

What do we become
Trying to kill each other?
You're faking it son
Gonna get you tonight
I suck another breath
To the hearts of the Revolution
'Cos it still ain't right
Where did all the love go?
I don't know, I don't know
[I bet you can't see it]
Where did all the love go?
I don't know, I don't know
[I bet you can't see it]
SOS, Auld Reekie, Ok go
Ok back again my foot taps like the heartbeat can't pretend
That it beats for you and the love you send
Though love dried up, my love won't end
Love, what a funny word
Sounds so absurd when placed with wurd
Werd, heard, I'm not good enough
But I'll still try I'm a stupid one
Hun, run all that you want
Because me getting you that's not the point
It's me being true let thoughts anoint
So I can let it out, get it all now?
How does it feel when the feelings gone
And ice on your heart just starts to form
Do you live with the fact you did wrong
Or notice any rose, all has thorns (yeah)
I'm a prick for that (yeah)
What I did in the past (heard)
You done moved on fast
So I've some nerve for doing these tracks (well)
I'll say it once
I was one (uh)
And all the above
Truth is mate, can't handle love
The rivers on the pavement
Are flowing now with blood
The children of the future
Are drowning in the flood
Where did all the love go?
Now I don't know why
I don't know why

Aw you know my heid is spinning
Never to heid to the ways of sinning
Wasn't that good at guitar or singing
So the best a'l ever do. You. [x3]

Listen, the black, black rose EP
Released on Sons of Scotland SOS
My name’s Drew Devine (Werd)

In this social chaos
There's violence in the air
Gotta keep your wits about you
Be careful not to stare