Madness (Remix)
His names Werd and his heads in a pickle
Maybe heard him a lil he's been fickle since little
He's been writing out raps compensate for the brittle
And escape all he hates so that they can be invisible
His own principles fate sticks with him still
Dismissive of his lyrics after written being literal
Sorry he's away with it
It’s her that made him do it with
A touch of frustration and waiting on a change n shit
Aw it f*cking takes the piss - I am just half that
Half pissed half cut with a joint half sparked
I try and keep control...

You need me just bringing that speech
You need Auld Reekie patter with a rapper on beats
You need real music mate you don't see on TV
You need to say hidden thoughts so we can achieve
Turn on your radio
Nah f*ck it - Turn it off
Fear is your only God on the radio
But here I got aiming for the top
But not cause I want it cause really it's all I got
I’ve been living since 11 n listened to hip-hop
My prescription for decisions that’s sinning and what knots
Now I’m bringing to fruition volition and new thoughts
Just listen my decision is taking what I want
You fakers can tag on the building I build strong
The foundation that I laid when played my first song
When I found my home
When some kind of madness...
I think you need honesty
Right now, I think I lost you mate
As I write like rappers ain't supposed to do
Though it’s tight get none, monastery
I feel like that their picking on me
Like a puppet off strings just fell before ye
Guitar weeps, for a gentle nobody
Never feel at home, vagabond, same old story
But you changed me
How I feel lately
Crazy, it’s like...