X-Raided (a.k.a. Nefarious)
Crazy Than A Muthafucca
[Intro: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Yeah, these muthafuckas don't know what's up
They're living in these rich ass suburban areas, man (Tired of that shit)
X-Raided, man, tell these muthafuckas what's up in the ghetto
We know we living in the muthafuckin' ghetto
I got the Triple Sicx Bounty
We the Tha Mobb in this muthafucka, man
Get busy with this bullshit

{Verse 1: X-Raided}
Nowadays, a brotha gotta be a lunatic
A straight devil blind n***a going triple six
Lyricists, get with this, n***a I don't think so
Unless you wanna be greeted by a damn skitzo!
I'm knocking them out the box, get off the jocks
Before I smoke your ass like a rock
And I'ma take a serious hit, shit
I never will quit you thinking you could fade me, n***a forget it
I'm on an impossible mission, like a fisher I'm fishing
When will you step up 'cause I'm wishing
I ain't had to slay in a while
I haven't had a chance to show off my new style
On an insane prowl, I'm straight Locing up
Killing motherfuckers 'cause I know what's up
But the X is a n***a taking his time
And if you talking shit, then you can bite my nine
My finger might slip on the trigger
But who cares? It's another dead n***a
You got a problem with that? Then step up or something
But beware, we're crazy than a muthafucka
{Chorus: Sample from Ice Cube}
A crazy ass n***a

{Verse 2: X-Raided}
One hard motherfucker, going loco
You piss me off and I'll smoke yo
Ass, I blast with the nine
Double M, The X is insane to the mind
There ain't no cell that could hold me
Be insane is what the n***as in Hell told me
That's why I'm going on a rampage
And if I get the gauge, suicide on the front page
Sacramento newspaper, all you motherfuckers got the vapers
All on the Lynch Hung dick and shit
Motherfuckers is stuck on stupid
But I'm the killer, not the willing, bitch
And if I get rich, it don't mean I'm a switch
I'ma always be Mafia, n***a
Midtown hoe, Sac Town, we're all down, yo
I know what the deal is
(That's right?) Damn right, I know what it is
And don't let that be the reason
You get your neck broke 'cause I ain't no joke!
N***as don't understand, we're n***a deep
If you wanna jack me, don't sleep
'Cause we know what's up
The whole Mafia's crazy than a muthafucka
{Chorus: Sample of Ice Cube}
Goddamn they ruthless
Motherfucker said what?!

{Verse 3: X-Raided}
X-Raided, the MC coming through, kicking that hard shit
With the help of Tam, Lynch, And Triple Sicx
A n***a like the X has it going on
Kicking raps to a beat that's pumping strong
The whole posse is dressed in black
N***as try to step up, they get the bozac
'Cause I don't feel that it's right
For a sucker motherfucker to hold the mic
X is a n***a from the S-A-C
Homicide came first, but that don't concern me
"It's My turn" like Stezo
But that still don't concern me, hoe
I'm clowning, damn right I'm clowning
I'm clowning, I'm clowning
Punk ass n***as that don't know
In my language, X means skitzo!
So little fool, don't trip, unless you wanna get the Triple Six
Concept, one more time, concept!
I say what I say want, motherfuck your rep
I got it going on, I got it going
Catch myself with a beat, then I'm flowing
Keeping my cash flow, hoe
But don't press your luck 'cause I'm crazy than muthafucka
(X-Raided talks until the song fades out)