X-Raided (a.k.a. Nefarious)
Never Loved
X: N***a what's up with these bitches n***a?
D: I've never loved em
X: Flat out n***a but let me tell you something though n***a
N***a I ain't never loved a bitch n***a
But I've loved a ho n***a
Cuz when it comes down to it n***a that ho 'll pay you more than that bitch
You know, so fucc Snoop Dogg n***a
I love them hoes but I ain't never loved a bitch

The only thing I need a bitch for is to give me some of that poontang
When I finished handlin business that ass is dismissed
Vacate the premises
Miss thang, ain't no reason for you to cry
X-Raided ain't givin a fucc
Coulda rap nut drippin all down them thighs
When I'm trippin off of that Thai
I ain't got no patience for no little old bitch n***a
Lydon Kanaf, this game is tryin to get my grip
But trip
It's obvious she gon be joccin cuz she knowin I got that cash flow
That's why she wearin them daisy dukes and showin her asshole
Must be thinkin she could make me fiend
Get the spleen and run deep
But the bitch can't show me nothin I ain't already seen
So come clean I mean it ain't all that serious
Plus if you runnin that drag drama
Considered each other
And who the fucc I'ma tell when I fucc you better don't mean I'ma love ya
I only got affection for one section of yo body sista
That's when it really got erectional
I'm stressin off Bacrdi-cardi Mixer
The X be clowin them hoes like bitch get the fucc out my face
But first let's run a race
Dott Dog, Let's jacc off and see who could nut in her face first
Disgrace her and replace her ass
Cuz X-Raided loc ain't got no time to be tryin to chase her ass
Baste her ass like turkey
Never let a bitch work me
Believe it, either serve me or take a beatin
(Chorus x2)
I never loved a bitch but I'll admit I've loved a ho
Cuz when it comes down to it that ho'll pay ya mo
It's all about that money that hoes know how to make a stacc
But a bitch never had shit always layin on her bacc

(Dott Dog)
Dott Dog be havin em stucc on it, jump on it, succ on it, hump on it
Pump it bacc when you hit that pelvis bone bust a couple of nuts on it
You know you want it, don't postpone it
Cuz only if you ready and willin
Drop your children
At yo mama's house cuz I'm about to kill em
But don't expect no love from the 4-4 lug
You had to lose you know
I'ma gain a ho if I lose a ho
Cuz I be kiccin it with n***as that's musical
When I refuse to go down below your belly button
I'ma do your shit so bad you gon be leakin that yellow jelly
I'ma nuttin and stutin and cuttin the fucc out
You done stucc out like Canseco
Givin you all you could take ho
Guaranteed you really cum no need to fake ho (X: Why?)
Because I say so (X: So who the fucc is you?)
Dott Dog from Stoccton (X: What's your crew?)
This Mad Man, Blacc Market droppin you bitches in trash cans

And a n***a like X ain't got no time to be caterin to a bitches needs
All she could give me just maybe a headache or a sexualy transmitted desease
So ease up off my dicc so I could proceed to doin my own thang
I don't need your love for wonders so give me some room to let these nuts hang
Swang, from the vain, like Tarzan and Jane in the jungle
I ain't givin the bitch no dicc unless she got the money in a bundle
Then I'ma smash up and picc the cash up smilin like that cat
Sh-Shinin Daytons on Bow Ties and n***as mad but I did that
I pull up and all these n***as high cuz they a stare
Insecure mutha fuccas, X-Raided loc hatin but there ain't no need to go there
I ain't trippin off none of them uninteresting bitches n***a quite stressin me
Before I go home and teach you a lesson and take your bitch on G.P
Havin you hotter than chiccen grease, blowin your bitches mind
Givin me monthly welfare checcs, investments into my grind
I'ma double it up and bubble it up cuz that's what bloccstas do
And now we kiccin it tighter than fish pussy and n***a that's waterproof fool
I smash your ass like you a 7-7 cut
350 chrome plated gut
Customized drop top with a fifth rim but
Mutha fuccas close they eyes to keep on seein me
N***as aim to be L-O-C that's why they hatin me
But n***a your bitch will sit down on the couch
Take her panties off
Let me rub her clitoris before I tear it off
The pussy's what I want
And this dicc is what she needs
I never loved a bitch but we could kicc it and smoke so weed
X-Raided ain't got no use
For a ho who can't produce
Cuz your cash is all I want
I don't need your pussy juice, biatch!
I ain't goin out like the average Joe
I'ma savage with that shit that's on the 4 I let em know
(Chorus fades to end)