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Watch Roger Do His Thing
[Verse 1: Large Professor]
We all know Roger, Roger lives in Queens
Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and he fiends
For knowledge, and people try to diss him because of that
Surrounded by the ghetto, plus the fact that the brother's black
But Roger gets high -- grades on tests
He smokes -- brain cells to rest
But brothers jel on him because he has a goal
And gold awards hangin' all off the brain pain
Behold, Roger doesn't fight, his brain is his left and his right
But if tainted, he just might
So all you brothers flyin' with a broken wing
Watch Roger do his thing

[Verse 2: Large Professor]
Roger graduated from high school
But didn't advance or enhance no scholarship, cool
Flip, he did not, he got a job at a parking lot
Teased because he wasn't makin' G's at a crack spot
He started meetin' the people with the high ranks
Attained a job as a manager at a bank
Roger started rollin' a Benz
Had a bunch of rich friends, and that's where his ghetto life ends
He rolls around the projects he lived in once in a while
Sees the brothers that was jellin' and cracks a smile
They have rings, but he has a ring of keys and D's
And now my man Roger is worth G's
He doesn't have to rap or sing, he has to think
So watch Roger do his thing
[Verse 3: Large Professor]
Roger has diamonds like I have lyrics
Always in good spirits, and money's never made
"It's hip to be square" is Roger's main motto
Cash comin' out of his a** like he hit lotto
He reminisces on all the bad years
Remembers his fear and smiles ear to ear
Counts a knot and goes to ?Backa Jaluts? to eat
Hugo Boss on his feet smellin' sweet
Gucci frames and all the high cla** names
Stetson suit clean, on the scene layin' down game
You can't cramp his style, he's as sharp as the tip of a nail file
You're gonna fail, child
Check him out while he plays with his ring
Watch Roger do his thing

[Verse 4: Large Professor]
Roger's a Casanova now, he's swimmin' in women
A symbol in sex messin' with their intellects
Throws parties every week in his happy home
Out on the island and stays smilin' alone
That's his style, mackin' skins and layin' girls like tiles, not actin' wild
Question: Roger's life seems complete, right?
That's what an education can and might do
It may sound corny but it's true
Roger does his thing and so can you
So get your head out the sling
And watch Roger do his thing, hit it
My man J.D. Drumsticks gettin' busy
Yo, J.D., chill