Main Source
Vamos a Rapiar
[Co-produced by Pete Rock]

"If something is yours by right
Then fight for it, or shut up..."

Sí, aquí estamos con el Main Source
Con el Profesor Grande, Sir Scratch y K-Cut
Y vamos a hablar de los rappers que no pueden cantar

[Verse 1]
Rappers can dance, sing and shake their thing at the same time
But can't rhyme
They probably think that as long as they gettin' paid
They can sleep in the shade, but they'll fall like a cascade
While I drop skills over drum fills
They'll try to pick up some, and still sound slum
'Cause they didn't learn the fundamentals at this
And I insist that they get dissed
For fraud, their weak rap tunes keep me bored
Sore, due to the type of bullsh*t they record
Hey, and I make 'em concentrate on the songs I create
And kids can't wait to get they fork, knife and plate
So they can chew what I serve with the nerve
To call themselves real, but I know the deal
So I just place all they cards on the trap
Tell 'em to cut the crap, now let's rap
Sí, ahí estaba el hablando de esos rappers
Que siempre están bailando
Y que no saben lo que están haciendo
Porque no saben cantar
Pero el Profesor, él sí sabe lo que está haciendo
Y él tiene música muy buena
Y nunca está bailando como esos pendejos
Que siempre están bailando por ahí
Y Sir Scratch and K-Cut
Ellos sí que saben DJ muy bueno
Tú sabes lo que estoy diciendo?

[Verse 2]
Now, all you rap clowns, let's go the seven rounds
And put down your imaginary crown
Or take it to the streets, with multiple beats
Get as loose as you want, flaunt, no beeps
This time when you rhyme, it won't be for a rock show
It'll be on the block, so
We can work like strainers, or filters
And find the raw remainders and the best builders
'Cause so many MC's get star struck
Get on stage and find out that they're washed up
'Cause some new jack took 'em out
But they was sleepin', so what's the surprised look about?
It ain't hard to tell that your records sell because your rhymes smell
And people scared of a brother that drop the bombshell
So to show and prove the fact, it's
Important that you come and show your tactics, ASAP
Let's rap
Aquí estamos hablando ahora de los rappers
Que se están olvidando de la calle
Y que están tratando de cambiar sus canciónes
Y no saben lo que están haciendo
Pero que ya saben que Main Source
Ellos no son nuevos de dónde vienen
Y vienen de la calle y quieren hacer música para la calle
Entienden? Okay


[Verse 3]
Terror on wax, Large Professor, K-Cut and Sir Scratch
Kickin' it to kids that can't latch
On, to the meanin' of a real rap song
Just producin' corn, I like to warn
We built it up this far without sellin' out
And still got clout
So you continue to sell and be a sap
And when you're ready to snapback
I tell you let's rap

Sí, porque la gente se están olvidando
Y están tratando de cambiar la mente de ellos
Pero que así no era el objeto de antes
Que es diferente ahora, entienden?
Pero que la gente yo no me explico como son, OK?
Pues aquí estámos diciendo paz, y adios