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How My Man Went Down in the Game
Intro: Large Professor

Yo, I heard my man told his girl that he's going to jump off
The roof for her cause he love her. Now that is funny. That's
Funny. You know what I'm saying? I did not live 19 years to
Throw my life away for some girl that I just met last year. Yo
Fornt door, back door, I ain't doing it. Point blank. Let
Me do this, man, hold up

She took your bread, now you're annoyed
You should have kicked her out when she became unemployed
You didn't listen, stuck to a**-kissing
Now your money's missing, now your honey's missing
You used to buy her shoes, shirts, sweaters and all
She had your head like a medicine ball
You even tried to disrespect me when you slid
Right into her trap like the baseball kid
But I can tell by the way sh*t was looking
She'd eat up the food and jet like Bookman
You always said I didn't give you your props
You wound up getting sh*tted on, hops
Trust the man with the corrective lenses
Before you wind up ripping doors off the hinges
Mad as hell, with a bone-dry well
And you had the nerve to think that I was jel, but
It's a shame, when I gotta watch my man go down in the game (Repeat 4x)

Ayo kid, my man is trying to act like it's Easter and he's jumping
Out of his rabbit-a** mind, talking about he's flying off of roofs
Yo kid, I like girls and the whole thing, but it ain't going to roll
Like that. Yo kid, let me explain this, hold up, hold up

You're sitting in a cell, mad as hell
Because you've decided to kill for your madamoiselle
I got some bad news, she's in the world getting used
And you can't even act confused
Cause after I hipped your a** to the script
You should've just played it to the back like a pip
I knew she was dreaded, but you wanted to set it
And act as though I was the one with the unleaded
I saw where you was headed
I just couldn't sweat it, f**k it, now you'll regret it
When you gotta lock a** for a pack of ?Barlils?
I hope that'll sharpen up your listening skills
Cause I can't keep giving brothers that sleep
My advice and they keep winding up in the heat
So no matter how much you think you love her
Before she was your girl I was your motherf**king brother, out

You know what I'm saying? I'll flip more than the script, kid
I said I'm looking at the front door, all that's fine and cool
But yo, I ain't being no fool. Point blank
And you know what we talking about (Repeat 4x)