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Time (Bonus Track)
[Verse 1]
(My man on the ...)
My man on the corner sells baking soda and coke
For jail anecdotes so he won't go broke
(In the future ...) In the future, if he's still livin'
He'd probably be in prison, or still givin'
The cops a purpose to call themselves "Doin' us a service"
His kinda lifestyle is nervous
He can't tell a hard-headed brother one thing
So let the ding-a-ling spend his life in the [?]
The part that's trife is that a judge'll give you life
Take his robe off and go the f**k home to his wife
But is it? When you're tryin' to be a money-makin' wizard?
People that was down don't visit
To them, you've pa**ed (You've pa**ed)
(The belly of the ...)
The belly of the beast has some room for ya a**
So now you're locked down, and also a prime
Example of how people screw up they time

[Verse 2]
(This girl likes ...) This girl likes to watch a big screen
So one day out at fourteen, I intervened
I came to take her elsewhere
'Cause she complained we didn't share time, and I was on her mind
She was preparin', back-and-forth starin' at the tool
(After an hour ...) After an hour, she was rude
Enough to ask me if she could just watch one show
I said, "Man, home girl, I gotta go"
(There's one life ...) There's one life to live (And too much ...)
And too much outdoors for me to be sittin' in the crib
Wonderin' if P.O. got bad grades?
Or who's the next millionaire to catch AIDS?
(She was up ...) She was up on the set like the girl from [?]
Completely enticed
[?] scream, lookin' like a [?]
(Just wastin' her ...) Just wastin' her time
*"Oh, sh*t!" scratched x3*

[Verse 3]
(My partner Joe ...)
My partner Joe P said time could be your best friend
Or your worst enemy, but some people tend
(To act like they're ...) To act like they're excluded from the folder
Everybody just got a second older
So if you think time is somethin' that's minuscule
Remember, you're a fool, (Fool), fool
Later in life, regret, that you didn't sweat
The issue, 'cause it's official
Old people talk about what they could've done
But that's what I'll do, have fun (Have fun)
'Cause you could be walkin' down the Ave
And have no intentions on bein' in the middle of a bloodbath
(Somebody got a ...) Somebody got a nine
(You can't rewind) You can't rewind
(It's yo' turn to ...) It's yo' turn to resign
(Hope you had ...) Hope you had fun wit' ya time