Mindless Behavior
We done came back wit' a banger

All up in this new spot
Females running everything
Don't know what they thinkin' but hey
Shawty on that sweet talk
All up in my ear drum
Talking bout she want it one way

All she kept screamin' that she wanted was the video on
She said she don't wanna talk about it
Cut the video on
Before I let you down
I'mma kill you with the visual
And you ain't never gon' forget it
Once my video on
Tonight I got a feeling that
All she gon' wanna do is
Look into the camera and pose
Over me she say she's gone
But how could she be gone
She lookin' for the camera
All up in the camera
[Verse 1]
Left my helicopter
Right there at the front door
Then went from the propeller
Made everybody get down
Sparkles up Independence Day
Club going hammer
Shawty say she feeling me
Girl I'm a piranha
She opened up her agenda
Like I was pad and pencil
Told me I'm priority
She need me on the schedule
But then she cracked like a wonton
Said she's a performer
And she could definitely go off
Pull out the camera


[Verse 2]
Eyes grey
Face clear
Pretty as a Bengal
She kinda act a little different
Everything regal
She got a European accent
Beautiful people
Ask her why I move like that
She say she grew up in (??)
She said she'll be leaving in 3 weeks
Time is up on her visa
Shoot I'm headed on vacay
Won't you come out to our vista
Every homie in there took a shot at her
Like she a free throw
But we all know what it is
They ain't messing with me though

I met at my school before
But couldn't catch up to her
To get her number or name
It's funny how she switched up the whole
When she saw the camera
She turnt up for the camera



Smash on the radio
Think I hear a smash on the radio