Mack Daddy
N***a, mack daddy
Mack daddy, mack daddy
Mack daddy, mack daddy, mack daddy
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Giggs]
This that Hollowman make shit violent, that Hollow go mental
This gets everyone's naked silence, on a momental
This that n***a might take your Kim, no, wouldn't go Kendall
Turn her from Old Kent Road, then pull up on Glengall
I bet summertime gets dumb again when we run up on one of them (why?)
Then let it rrr, let it rrr, let it rrr, da-da-da da-da-da
And let the trigger finger work with thumb again, pull up and punish them
A n***a terror squad like Big Pun and them, and got a pump right in front of them
Body me a stranger, it's probably a favour
It's probably about this paper, body rearranger
I've got a honey like let's get chummy then, I told her shh like Shmoney dem
You want it sticky, baby? Let's get honey then, I'll be the stick, might cum in them

Back daddy, mack, n***a, mack daddy
Bitch, back it up, pat your fat fanny
The mack daddy's back, n***a, mack daddy
This the black cat [?] and the flat's shabby
[Verse 2: Kyze]
Came back in the game with passion, Kyze, I'm Mr Make Shit Happen
Tell me a game man hasn't, mashed down, been on the grind since Adam
Big kid then, you couldn't play with my dough, keeper of this, you couldn't play with my goal
I don't care if he's Tony with the yayo, and it boom boom booms you'll hear him say wayo
I was up and down the road, always late getting home, had the Mrs on the phone, get my dinner in the stove
I'll be back in like a mo, I'm on Linden Grove in a tinted Golf, mind your business though
Let me shot [?], grab rizzy and blow, meet Hollow and Dro, gotta drop em some dough
Cause they dropped me some crow, that was back in '0... 0... 0
That was back in '0 something, had the fassyhole [?], I can't wait to buss him, I'mma fucking headbutt him
I ain't tryna hear nuttin', I'm just out here cutting through the ends, not trussing, them friends been fussing
Don't pretend that you loving, heard you snitch [?]
Your chick's been clucking, flirting and fussing, I'mma grab man's chick and fill it with stuffing


N***a, mack daddy
N***a, mack daddy