Flacko Freestyle
[Intro: Tim Westwood]

[Verse 1: Giggs]
In goes the bag of green
Man's been low and had a dream
Been road and had a team
In goes the magazine
Been over, still over
Man's got the win and the skill over
These n***as and bitches
You know how much pillows I've been over?
This one's a give-over
I did this one a bit sober
She got widow and rid over
He got kick over, kick over
I had brick over, brick over
Brick, tick over, tick over
We just slid in and slid over
Now I holla Buck and send a hit over
A n***a really popped this milli
Didn't wanna squash it, did he?
But now the little block shit's silly
We roll up to the spot, post diddy
I know my little thot knows thingy
You saw me at the Rated Awards
I pulled up to the spot with Lily
They're burying Ciroc, shit's spinning
The n***as from the block is winning
You really wanna stop this villain?
And the diamonds and the chain just chilling
Let's take it to the top, we's billing
That n***a, I'm a boss, Meek Mill him
And fuck a soft spot, weak feeling
You run up on the block, we kill him
Wheel out the MACCers
N***a had to bring out the massive
Clarke, five chains
B. A. Baracus
Relate to clappers
Where I can really relate to rappers
It's like we're bloody relay relappers
You n***as should appreciate and clap us
[Verse 2: Kyze]
Hard time, my n***as done those years
Still all you see is us when the gun smoke clears
Last year, finished half of ten years
Now I'm back to scare n***as and bath them in fear
Before I had a crack pack in my gears
I was pissed off with my flat and fucked up with arrears
Now I'm living, having fun like Shears
Me and Devz in the park and just drunk like ten beers
Back then, I was fuckerying weird
In the hood, in my hood, putting pumpies in beards
Drive by on my own with no peers
One hand on the mash while the other hand steers
Attack man in my all-black Moncler
Like bap bap, there's real badman here
No talk or fronting in here
Been on a trek with my star on the final frontier
And I'm still insane, can't be tamed
And the past just can't be explained
The riders around me can't be named
From this flow, info can't be gained
And no boydem spoiling my enjoyment
You wanna link me? Then hit me by appointment
Told your girl come link me with the ointment
Give that bitch dick slick, then it's avoidance
Yeah, I'm doing more than maintaining
I thank God every day, no complaining
On top of the world, it's not changing
Got top off his girl, she don't rate him
I was sitting in jail with no patience
Belmarsh on four other occasions
Came home to a grown man situation
All excited like yo, my n***as famous
So let me jump on the stage with ya
"Punani" going off, straight winner
Then I dropped an EP
Now I'm in the Shard, great view and a great dinner
Always been a great skiller
Never made a tape filler
Eyes on the Spain villa
Just so I can get brain in her
So I can put the pain in her
This one could be a game-winner
[Outro: Giggs]
Yeah, fucking hell, this spliff's got me sounding like fucking Darth Vader
You know what? Just call me Darth Vader from now on, rudeboy