Test Out Da Nine (Remix)
[Verse 1: Joe Grind]
Blud, don't do that
Arms, legs, you can lose that
Nine, teks, my n***as shoot back
Shut your brain down, you can't reboot that
You ain't hard better get back
We'll get your crew clapped
You dumb fags
Say you're on dis ting but you just chat
You pricks make me laugh at your rhymes
You chat like your gun's got a different design
Blud listen to mine
Same time make shotgun lift up your drive
So get your head out the sky
I'll get the spesh out to cry
You don't wanna test out the Grind
Shots to your brain will make you get out and fly

[Verse 2: Kyze]
Stretch out the grind, test out the nine
SN1 will open your head and let out your mind
This is get down or die, my set let the rounds fly
Show us the pound signs or get blown to cloud-heights
Young mad and reckless, bad crack for breakfast
For a new necklace get blown to your ancestors
Known that it's a Narm ting, forever go hard ting
You'd think it was the races, the way the dog's barking
N***as get scarred in, wars they take part it
So watch where you're parking or get dearly departed
You can get blasted by n***as black-scarfing
They love to get the nine out, cock back and rass him
Certain man ain't ready, and I knew I'd outlast him
This is for the soldiers, this ain't for the half-hearted
Pecknarm's the straight hardest
And this is our year so fuck them other artists
[Verse 3: Gunna Dee]
Let me test out the nine
One press I'll leave you left with no spine
Spineless plus I'll leave you with no face
A headshot will have you looking like a blowfish
When I move through the Narm
I've got the big nine, I don't move with no armour
I'll go round, shoot up your town
Come back around, I'll be shooting at karma
I ain't shooting dice but shooting's a gamble
I don't give a fuck, I let my gun blow
Fuck Trident, fuck Hamrow
I'll aim at you with a gun full
Full clip will rip up your lungs too
Too much in your lungs, you can't run through
Wanna ride on my team, that's the wrong move

[Verse 4: Tiny Boost]
Pecky man still testing the 9's
My squad get the best out of crime
Mind I don't get the spesh out to ride
Copper shots might tek out your lights
And they're getting pissed off 'cause I know Giggs
But I've got my own gang did you notice
Peckham Young Guns fam n***as know this
Violate and I'll aim where your dome is
Guns out, better mind where your head's going
Man will light up your set like the thread's glowing
And I ride with the best known
Tiny Giggs, Young Taz, can't forget Jones
Might squeeze off and take off your neck bone
You leg won't so how the fuck would your neck grow
Got connects for the best chrome
SN1's the hardest, let it get known
[Verse 5: Giggs]
I've got the best out behind me
SN1 on the Test Out Da Nine beat
Let out my mind's heat
Rap works out I might get out the grind scene
Drop Walk In Da Park, little launch party, then jet out for nine weeks
Check out a nice beach, stretch out my fine feet
Might holler at Jacob, check out a timepiece
But won't forget 'bout my fine team
SN1 I throw my set up, the sign's P
My head's been a bit messed up
Might take a quick journey, set out to find me
Women set out to grind me
They let their stress out, rewind me in the stereo
But this just reminds me
Of bitch n***as that set out to line me
I stick my neck out for YG
Three Mac-10's, man spent up to 9 G
I've been a mess-up since YPB
I know the feds hate the IC3
And I'm the best out the mic needs me
You better step out my sight please G
Step out the line please
'Cause this is test out the nine greaze
This is mess up your mind greaze
This is get out your nine please
This is set up to find G's
This is get up rewind please
I gotta big up the YG's
I've gotta set out to find p's