Moosh & Twist
All Alright
Yeah it's all alright, I guess it's all alright
I got nothing left, inside of my chest but it's all alright x2

[Verse 1: Twist]
Well Hell Yeah We Just Stop And Go When Everybody
Tell Me That The World Have A Show
They Trapping Row, They Told Me It's So
Impossible, And The Mission Yeah Something So
Possible I Mean, We Never Stopping, Hell Yeah
They Want It Hell Yeah They Tripping
I Tell Em We Never Drop But I Know What We
Gotta Do, Shots So Right Everyday Deep Down
Spitting Raw So Tight I Mean The Three Is On
The Top, The Top Is All Three You Know
I Keep It Coming When I'm Rocking On The Beat
I'm Confident You See, I'm Cocky In The Street
And I Ain't Gonna Stop Till I'm Rocking
In The Streets I Mean Everything In My Glass Is
Now Full, Glass Is Now Full Ask Me How To
I Tell Em You Gotta Do It Like You Never Did
And Do It Better Than Anybody Has Ever Did, Go!


[Verse 2: Moosh]
Man I Don't Care For Tomorrow, Tryna Live For Today
How Many Bad Girls Tryna Be Mrs. Mccray
So Come And Kick It With A Player From The West Side
And We Can Burn The Crib Down Like Left Eye
Got Me Testing The Waters, Just To See Where It's At
OCD Till I Die, We Can Leave It At That Tell Your Man
It's A Rap, Cause I Know It's A Fact Yeah I Run With
My Dogs, But I'm Leading The Pack We Got Some
Girls Coming Over Yeah, Later We Got Some Girls Coming
Over And I Don't Know What Your Plans Are Right
Now But Ain't Nobody Leaving Until It's Over
I Was Super Good, Once Upon A Time But I'm
Grown Now, And It's Time To Grind It's Hard To Be
Polite, Got A Part Of Me Tonight You Ain't Even
Gotta Worry We're Gonna Always Be Alright
For Real