All I Need
[Verse 1: Shad]
Rap is easy, man I grew up on it
Like to potty with the stool up on it
Always knew if I put something new up on it
Put your crew up on it
Make it do what it do
See I really don't need much, see what's
Funny is money says "in God we trust"
We trust the money though
Funny 'cause we don't need stuff
We just need someone who need us
See I wield weapons
Why? 'Cause I feel threatened
Why? 'Cause they wield weapons
Why? 'Cause they feel threatened
My goodness, how can I put this?
What if I could just (Uh)
It's been a minute but it's still me
For all the timid and the real Gs
We take it to the limit tryna' feel free
But one thing true always will be, and that's

The truth is bulletproof, the truth is bulletproof
The truth is bulletproof, the truth is bulletproof
[Verse 2: Shad]
And I know men gotta do better
Growin' up I wish we knew better
No excuses, just sayin' we reproduce it
Whenever we reproduce 'cause we don't know how
How to accept love, express love
We were taught power is how you get love
Men don't make love, we take love
And only the saints deserve his great love
So we kinda hate love
I'm tryin' to name the feelings of shame
The guilt, revealing the pain and heal it and change for real
Ain't it strange, it's the ones that we love we aim to kill
We put holes in em, put our holes in us just one thing can fill
This ain't a drill it's an emergency
I keep hurtin' them. Why? There's hurt in me
The hurt in man and it's hurtin' me
We never learn to speak, never learn that need ain't weakness
Like man all my past releases masterpieces
Yeah I'm Master P with his master's thesis
But I could still have it all and lack what's needed
It's not a secret
All I'm sayin' is

The truth is bulletproof, the truth is bulletproof
That's it, that's all
The truth is bulletproof
Let's go