Hi :-)
[Verse1: Mann]

Contemplating the meaning
Of what It means to really be alive so I'm smoking weed and I'm drinking
And I don't even be sipping much but that double cup what that lean in
Po'ed up til Im sleeping
Woke up but still dreaming
Euphoria, Euohoria
If that's what it is, I fuck with it
Some people wish to get high as me
That's the last thing on they bucket list
Fuck suffering
I live the life I want to live
Fuck a 9 to 5, who trying to get high
And be creative on some other shit

[Hook:Mann & Buddy]

Forget your job turn it up
Get the weed burn it up
That fuck shit ain't concerning us
Peace life yeah you heard of us
Without a doubt we showing up with more than enough to get by
Put your lighters up and get high, Yeah
Im high, Yeah
[Verse2: Mann]

Eyes low I'm faded
What I smokes amazing
OG my favorite
It was an edible so I ate it
Medical so I ain't sick
Doctor said I'm a patient
Get them cooks from my bay bitch
Them players speaking my language
Them square don't understand shit
But it's cool I don't expect em to
Everything happens on it's own time I know I'm on schedule
Team set up so I'll never lose
Spear heading a revolu
Follow Mann what you better do
Show u a life you never knew


[Verse3: Buddy]

This OG is amazing
Passenger is Caucasian
Trying to ride on my spaceship
But the journey here isn't the destination
Reality is just a speculation, Awe yeah
We got medication, meditation, preparation for penetration
Get the weed burn it up
Hit the bed hurry up
Hit it from the side shawty think she had a hernia
And I think you know what I'm insinuating
I got a big ego, and you can hit me up for your demonstration girl