Time Collapse
[Intro: Mann]
You can find me trapped
I'm blind perhaps
No eyes, (Mann)
Time or facts
Ive been enlightened..
Its real and exciting intense I like it..
Dipping in and out of this plane..
From my expensive gains..
(yump) on your brain
Yump Daniels is his name

[Verse 1: Mann]
The world is just a phase
We going thru the motions
Putting our faith in what they told us never studying our devotions
You claiming the good book I hope it's open
There's some new life to every word that is spoken, so raise them well
If what your saying a Lie, I can't but they can tell
Keep it Trill Take that L, even if you hate to fail
The past don't affect the present or the future
So If I don't know ya, that means I never knew ya
I'm a new one, 23 to the hoop
Jay Z to the booth
Young N***a just trying to prove something
Its a coastal renaissance , Kendrick hit the finish line
Dreams nothing will limit mine, If I claim it then its mines
[Hook: Mann]
When time collapse
You can find me trapped in my mind
I'm blind perhaps, Visions no eyes
Senses heightened no sense of time or fact
Just been enlightened, you feeling frightened?
To me its real and exciting , intense, I like it
Dipping in and out of this plane
All emphasis has been stripped from my expensive gains
Focusing on my heart so put this on your brain
Its a new day and age, Yump Daniels is his name

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Uh, Looking for something I never had
My dad, wasn't a dad so being a dad is all I have
To make up for him missing in my past, and my path
Hope he ain't chasing no ass and watching my mom about to crash
Dipping in and out of my thoughts
I'm a lost soul by genetics
Learn from all of my N***as mistakes and quickly corrected
They will slow you down before they try to give you the right direction
Eliminate the hate we both here but we can't relate
When time collapse I hope the time you had you spend it great
You do your best, fuck the rest and Never think less to play it safe
We consuming, Brain power learning is constitution
We humans only cohesive , smokers but we still students
Not over your head is it, equally fair decisions
Believe and you will succeed let the weed take you there to get it
Play the victim that's about to get convicted for the job
Or be the leader with the connection to god, Dizzy Wright

[Verse 3: Mann]
Keep your eye open, Beware peep the changes
Its always around everywhere secret language
We in the Matrix that new age shit
Either I'm crazy or it's the early stages of an awakening
Take it in debating If, I should even take this chance
To take the hand and let it blindly lead me to this new faith in mankind f
Uck it, if my goal is peace how can they take it wrong
Feeling like a revolutionary when I made this song
New visions and eastern philosophy
Got me thinking early 70's speaking honestly
Living free, Nature, Peace Sign, and Marijuana leaves
U.S.A free country you will never wanna leave..
Yeah right false perception of paradise
When you are born they start infecting you with the parasite
Domestication in hell, seeing heaven no where in sight
Say your prayer at night because there might be a change in fahrenheit
When time collapse