Bout That Life
I am really about that life, jeaah!
Them fourteen hour trips, I know about that flight, yeah
Ask the promoter, tell em about that price and
When I get that envelope I make em count that twice, ahh
(Come Better Again)
That's just the West LA in me (west)
Get the cake, twenty-four A, seven days a week
Only way to play me: Is MTV and MP3!
Rep that birthdaygang, B.D.M.C.G
Ho-ho-hold up, hold up
They could never control us
Birthday model, let's hit the bottle until you throw up, jap
Young, wild, reckless, I never wanna grow up
Living the way they show us
So these hoes getting no love
Hold up, hold up
I am about to hit the stow up
(which you about to go get?)
Star Person in Arizona
Switches up some paper
It is some, so we can roll up
It is all the same story, coming from California!
I told Nic Nac to pimp slap
This track, he digg that
Lil n***a, big swag
That chick, big ass
Bitch bad, I'm with that
If not, slim chance
These are always "slim fast", lil plans, make-up
Young fly, caked up
Fool, I'm M A dubb
Get paid, hell a much, to step foot in a club
Say "what", I am just a G, who likes Luxury
So come fuck with me, ahh