Swish (Remix)
[Verse 1: Skeme]
Startin' five crooked, coach know I got it
Keep them n***as out my lane like I'm D. Howard
Seven foot money, my stack sit tall
Buzzin' like a hornet, bitch I'm Chris Paul
Most of these hoes love me, them n***as can't stand me
They hatin' while I'm ballin', LeBron in Miami
I'll ride the pine, my jump shot's stupid
Kobe in the clutch, fuck whatever I'll ball through with
And I got that shit that makes your bitch realize that she don't like you
I got her wet as ..., you fade away like you Michael
High as rockets, shouts to Houston, this remix I'm abusing
Bitch I'm balling, it's what we all in, it's that swish lead music

[Hook: Skeme]
I'm all in, I'm all day
Nah, I ain't worry about what's next
I ball, like this
Better yet bitch I ball like swish
I ball like swish, I ball like swish
I ball like swish, I ball like swish
I ball like swish, I ball like swish
I ball like swish, I ball like swish

[Verse 2: YG]
Fresh from my hands to my feet, ballin' like an athlete
N***as cope with it out here so I pack the heat
These hoes be attacking me, tryna be a n***a's wife
But the only thing I give these hoes is ecstasy and pipe
Hit the mall in spurge with no dawg cause we ball like
Homies in the trap, hittin' crack for a large amount
Fuck a stall out, meet the tick if you disrespect
Westside 400 School Street, yeah that's the set
That's what I bang, you n***as lame, you n***as claimin' I'm a G
She says she's celibate but when she gets with me, she's a freak
My wrist lighter, plus my bitch is fire
You should buy your weed from me, my shit'll get you higher
Yo bitch on my ass like some motherfucking 'pliers
My seven forty five, got twenty two inch tiers
The whole team killin' like we work for Michael Myers
My wrist frost like

[Verse 3: Mann]
Boy I ball like what you see with
G6 fly, that's why I hopped upon this remix
Got a bad one, I'm cocky she conceded
In that very important section in the club is where we're seated
Brawls on the b-trick, Sox Gang, Pusha Ink and the BDB click
That boy so wavy that it may just make you seasick
Mann takes some drama man, we know you ain't ballin'
You ain't even on the team, know what I mean
Got a lot of dough in my jeans
Pockets overflowing with green
What's up with them hoes that I seen
Start choosing, they know I'm with Skeme
And YG, we famous, we really known
Don't just put on for my city, we puttin' the city on


[Verse 4: Problem]
I tell em, hol' up, and swole up, the big dawg done roll up
And fuck four bitches for every joint I done roll up
Hot-box the cool, windows rolled up
And every time you see the boy it's probably with a ho, donut
Diamond, stuntin' in my tiger fitted
Young Compton n***a shootin' for the bucks: Brandon Jennings
Crap, I can get that workout good: calisthenics
I put this tool up in yo bitch and turn around: LA riches
Why I do this without tryin', Louie 1-3 be the best
Shot, "swish" in the goal, got more hoes than that net
Got this, got my pros and my fo's going hammer
I ball 'till I motherfucking fall: Hank Gathers