Rain Down
Everybody’s talking about me and they say that I’m not really real
They sayin’ myth, they sayin’ god but they don’t know these bones need healed
I’m so glad that you’re not human and you always look deep into my soul
Your love is not dependent on my actions cuz you’re always there to hold
Rain down grace, Rain down grace on me
Rain down grace, Rain down grace on me

[Kareem Manuel]
Can it be that I’m forgiven when I see the way I’m living
I’m striving to pay the penance but steady missing the mark
They calling me a Christian but falling is like tradition
I’m starting but couldn’t finish its feeling like it’s the rhythm of my heart
The father has sent me fishing for all of his missing children
But if they had a vision of what I did in the dark
They probably wouldn’t listen would take knowledge over wisdom
And holla there really isn’t a difference with the walk
But I know that it isn’t true the problem it isn’t you
I’m feeling miserable because its me that is flawed
I’m feeling unworthy and walking short of your glory
And father I’m worried about bringing a reproach to the cross
Striving to worship but father I am not perfect and yet
I know that its got to be some hope for the lost
But if its dependent on any strength and what I’m lifting
Then I know there isn’t really hope and all is loss
But what a joy it would be to know that I’m forgiven
And the new grace that I’m given it could never be gone
I’m walking with repentance on my way to the mission
And all of my sinning you say that you don’t bring to your remembrance you forget them
Make me new I’m changed and when I mess up I feel shame
Like my father Adam I just want to get away
I made a conscious to no longer pray
I wonder how in the world could you love me again
I’m hearing through repetition I’m guessing I couldn’t listen
Because one interaction with you I’d never be the same
I’m praying you listening when I sing amazing grace
I’m lifting up my hands I’m trying to give him thanks
Through I fall doing all that I can to give him praise
Lord I would I give all I am to hear you say
Rain down grace, Rain down grace on me

I want to reach the goal, losing the tempo
I’m beat, your heart keeps being so instrumental
Dark speech, I grew up in dark streets, look through the window
See the parts of me that’s hard to reach and full of sin though
You’re like my sensei, but I can’t face your grace
Knowing I chased disgrace, and what my friends say
But the sun just keeps shining, I was dumb
Thought if I could shun evil and keep climbing
You would become proud of me and be smiling
Drowning in your love, but I’m trying to become an island
Check the forecast, yep, sky’s gray
It’s a shame, it looks like rain, is what I’d say
Clouds overhead, thunder keeps cracking
Lightning keeps flashing, bad keeps happening
Now I’m standing in the rain wanting to get wetter
Knowing the more you gon pour, it’s gon be better
The Good Shepherd who taught me how to love this weather
Your rain got me waiting until forever, when you will

Rain down grace, Rain down grace on me
Rain down grace, Rain down grace on me