Last Call
We’ve been out forty days straight
Party every night of the week
Same old thing, death it brings, yea I don't know I don’t know why
It only brings pain in my life
Same old thing, death it brings

You hear them saying
Last call, ahh, can’t you see I'm ready to go home It's last call, ahh, times up now lets go home

[Verse 1:]
Go and get it, sky high
Strange clouds all around, sky miles
Frequent flyer, with no rewards
Always drifting of course like divorce
Chasing after every shadow
Empty promise everywhere we go o' Lord where did I go wrong Hear my cry, Lord hear my psalm I'm broken
My sin is before me, ever before me
All my broken pieces, Lord please redeem us

[Verse 2:]
Last call, you love the Cris
Your favorite rappers the person you always want to be
They laughing to the bank, its cracked up to be
The kind of life that you covet, with all the luxuries
Smoke is in the air, it's all smoke and mirrors
They claim they on the throne, its just a folding chair
You focused on appearance, they spend their whole careers Trying to prove that the grass is much greener over there
So how they keep it selling, I guess its cheap to buy it
The consequence is expensive but its a sleeping giant Life Jesus teaching is how to redefine it
The finest moments approaching hold up the beat is silent
[Verse 3:]
This is just a cycle of a psycho and his idols
Trying to earn a name but in the end its just a title
Brother you need revival, brother you need the bible
That fast lane is real, that speeding will get you killed
That highway to heaven ain't getting any closer
Plus your swag expired, homie pull over
Your going 90 in a 40 drive slower
You got the right to remain silent until sober