The Motto
The Motto

Verse 1:

Ask anyone, I'll murder-a-beat
Anyone who says different is absurd-I'm-a-beast
All these, other rappers that I've heard-are-petite
Not wordy-or-deep
Really I would urge-a-retreat
You're not, worthy-to-speak
You're just murmuring-sheep
You'll be, murdered-and-fleased
Every word-on-the-sheet
Is a surgery-piece
I will surgically-breach
The inner workings of every mind I can verbally-reach!
Rappers chat about more 'Doh' than Homer-does
Acting hard when you're soft as a load-of-doves
Soon as the pen touches the pad it's over-cuz!
Still getting started and I'm only gonna grow-the-buzz
Hyperaptive, remember-the-name
I'll burn mainstream rappers with not a tenth-of-the-fame
You'll need 20 fire trucks to attend-to-the-flames
On what used to be their career 'til only embers-remain

I ride solo
You already know-though
Killin beats, hitting trees like I'm Sonny Bono!
And I'm on this every day, every day, every day
Like I'm sitting on a bench fam I don't really play
Every day, every day, fuck what anybody say
Can't see 'em coz the fans are in the way
Real talk what's up?

Verse 2:

Always been a Don-with-this
The way I'm fucking these words up is wondrous
When I blow, believe the blast will be thunderous
Building an empire like my name was Remus or Romulus
Punch lines are too-much
Talking like you're the King, you'd better move-up
Kids think they know about Rap from all this new-stuff
The point went over their head like they're with the ku-klux
I'm hitting hard as a heart-attack
Leave you in the dirt like an artifact
Burn this beat 'til I turn its fucking carcass-black
I heard what you're calling Rap, I ain't part-of-that
I'd rather spit in Wayne's face and throw him 'The Carters'-back
Tell him I ain't heard albums that are half-as-whack!
What happened to the days of Shady and Aftermath?!
When I would sit and blaze up to one of Nas's-tracks!
That's why heat's all I'm gonna-bring
I see the old haters crawling back groveling
They talk shit but I see your head bobbing-and
I've got your chick wet like she's been water tobogganing!