My Enemies
[Hook: Jermaine Dupri]
They my enemies
Dressed in my friend's clothes
Dick ridin' , thinking I don't know
They my enemies
Dressed in my friend's clothes
Smile in my face but pop shit behind doors
I wake up, knowing I'm bout to see 'em all in my face
Like what up, these motherfuckers all over the place
I'm fed up, homie I'm angry and I need me my space
And good luck, quit all that thinkin' you gon' take my place

[Verse 1: Jermaine Dupri]
It's a lotta n***as in this club poppin bub that's phony
Acting like they got nothin but love for the homie
Straight 2-faced, they like them n***as at Sony
(J-Kwon: Now ain't you the mayor?) I'm the one and only
For the longest, me and my n***as been hittin this town like a storm
And now you gotta see me and Penny arm to arm
One day you'll get it, keep tryin n***a
Yeah right you ballin, keep lyin n***a
I know a lot of ballas, half of 'em hatin' me
Bankrupt but you must ain't seen my mobs lately
Be damned if you like me, give a fuck what you rate me
I only know 2 words and n***a that's "Pay me"
Now we finna stop talkin shit about JD
'Cause he been doin this shit since y'all was babies
How you gon, try to degrade me?
Y'all ain't my friends, n***a I ain't crazy

[Verse 2: J-Kwon]
Now I'm-a chik-i-chill til the moment I lose mine
And when I lose mine, gun stores gon lose lines
I thought you knew, Kwon keep 8 on the waistline
I'm from the Lou, Kwon flip 8's to waste time
I spit it, for n***as who don't feel my shit
She a whore, I don't like her you can deal my bitch
You wanna war?, what for?, I peel this bitch
Body liftin, done with it, I don't need this shit
You my enemy
Dressed in my friend's clothes
But when I shoot I do better than Shaq doin free throws
A buncha n***as trippin', they got the game wrong
A buncha n***as feelin' like me who bumpin' the same song
I'm evil, why you thinking you gon' take my spot?
Wait til my album drop, quit thinking you 'Pac
And you rappin hardcore when you knowin' you pop
And you sayin you a 'rilla when you knowin' you not