KEK - A Gematria Diss Track
Kill yourself
Please, please kill yourself
You should really kill yourself

[Verse 1]
Poo poo, pee pee, penis and vagina
Women with dicks and weak men with vaginas
So fucking delicate like mommy’s fine china
If you have complaints, please, wait your turn and line up
(Record Scratch)
I tricked you!

[The Room - Speaking]
I always thought you where kinda a cunt I don’t even know how to pronounce your fucking name

[Verse 2]
Alright let’s get into the show
I wouldn’t go as far to talk about your ass song and shitty flow
So go walk out of the door
You’re foreign family so probably never got off the boat
Got them dying of scurvy and shit
So bitch take a seat sit
I may be fourteen, I may not have a girlfriend or a life but I’m fucking better than you
Bitch you won’t ever come through
You look up to me like I’m your ducking idol
Stand on that chair and put a noose around you neck like you’re suicidal
I like Jermain and Topaic better than you
This is the last time I’ll send a letter to you
Talking I thought we were good
I hope you’re thinking about suicide because I think you should
I’ll come to your house and kick in the door
Split you in half I like it’s your parents divorce
Address on google like Jake Paul
Diss us again and I’m on call
Smoked this fag like he’s a cigarette
I older brothered you like I’m big Bret
And you seriously think i like this community? an eminem meme subreddit? you think you saying that offends me or something? that a bunch of high pitched 14 year olds on here don't like me? i only came in here cause i knew it'd be fun to watch you losers argue with each other. you think your diss track was so funny but nobody is gonna laugh at it. i bet your breath stinks bro. go get yourself a gf and a life pls, fucking loser. you can't tell, you can tell, what the fuck gematria? You fucking idiot, fuck yourself bitch, go suck a dick faggot, FAGGOT!