Lil Debbie
Had Her First
Probably had her first, probably had her first
Probably had her first
Aye, aye, aye, aye, look

You just now seen her? Boy I been seen her
Got tired of the bitch so I had to leave her
Probably had her first, probably had her first
Probably had her first
You just now hit her? Boy I been hit her
Had to quit the bitch, I didn't wanna deal with her

Probably had her first, probably had her first
Probably had her first

[Verse 1: Ms.Get Active]
Haha, that was my old girl, so I had her first
Probably taste me in her mouth if you taste her
My minds on them dollas, I'm tryna see a purse
Swappin bitches never trippin' off old work

Bad bitches any color get it [?]
Throwin' bills at ya, bitch I'm tryna see you twerk
She got a booty on point, but the face hurt
But I still know some tricks that'll pay her
I'm on her head on the hat like the thangaroo
Said I'm all in her hair like some shampoo
You caked up so we had you if you ran through
My old bitch a new bitch she can't stand you


[Verse 2: Deezy D]
You n***as layin' with the hoes that passed through
N***as been around her we on to something new
Haha, probably had her first probably had her first
Probably played her like horse shoe
[?] shit you know I do it [?]
Smooth on a bitch like hair gel

Rock a rollie, never lonely, never lonely
If I ain't hit it then she probably hit my brodie
[?] like a pony, no [?]
We on it, we on it
You know it, you know it
Watch out before your bitch while we approachin'
Probably had her and she still whinin'


[Verse 3: Lil Debbie]
Fresh out the lot, gotta new whip
Kiss a lot of bricks to sit on my lips
She runnin' second place but I had her first
Old dry mouth bitch I couldn't take her thirst
Had to let her go, onto the next ho
She let me feel mo' out in Frisco
On the real though
I fuck with trill hoes
But I go hard with this dildo
She a stripper or a ripper, its whatever
Bought her cheese and I broke her for some cheddar
You want her? I don't sweat her
That's my old work, I'm onto somethin' better

[Verse 4: V-Nasty]
I probably had her first, I probably had her work
She gettin' to the money while I'm runnin' through her purse
I had her at her best, you had her at her worst
I'm always number one while you comin' in third

You loved that bitch while I do the bitch wrong
She all in your face while she singin' my song
Couldn't deal with the bitch so I had to leave her
I ain't lose nothin', so I ain't ever need her

Presidential leader, tell her to blow up
She ain't goin' no where unless she ho up
Bitch you ain't shit
You been a ho
Stop walking around like your pussy drippin' gold