Lil Debbie
[Verse 1: Lil Debbie]
Got ice by the block, block too hot
Now I'm in the kitchen, crockpot
Stretched out the seven bought the new Jag
You looking kind of rough SOS pad
I should've worked at KFC
Rap game Mona Lisa, Masterpiece
Stress me out you ain't gonna catch me later
Now I'm in your street in the Life Saver Navigator
Before you plant the seed you gotta test the soil
Now I'm on your roof, gargoyle GRRRRRR
Lil Debbie poster in your high school locker
Rap game Betty Crocker in Versace boxers

[Verse 2: Riff Raff]
You should dunk between the legs, Isaiah Rider
Everything black and white, typewriter
OGs move in silence, don't challenge a rider
I want the world in my hands, palm pilot
Butterknife the chopper, razorblade the margarine
I beg your pardon Olive Garden Aston Martin
Switching license plates espace from state to state
I want my own talk show, Ricki Lake
Hit the bedroom, full moon perfume
Now she like a movie, coming soon...
I'm Phil Donahue in the turquoise blue
Different days different views, candy Vidal Sassoon